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  • Natsukashii (Genshin & Honkai Oneshots)
    2.3K 103 7

    "Hello fellow Travelers and Captains!" This is a Genshin and Honkai oneshots, this oneshots is strictly platonic no romance. This is a xChild!Reader, this book is connected to "Our Little Sunshine" and "Innocence."

  • Hidden Clues (Albedo x Reader)
    396 30 1

    "My name is Y/n, Detective of the Knights of Favonius, pleasure to meet you." Coming Soon

  • Queen of Thunder (Kazuha x Mei! Reader)
    3K 140 2

    "if rescuing you is a sin, i'll gladly become a sinner." Raiden Mei, who happened to be the former Herrscher of Thunder. Mei failed to save Kiana while she was in World Serpent. She couldn't live herself without Kiana, so she decided to end her life. Mei got reincarnated as Ei's puppet/daughter and named her Y/n. (Upd...

  • Harmony (Xiao x Elysia! Reader)
    1.3K 68 1

    "Isn't it fun to be with me? I think so too." "You can look at me more openly. Because... I'm also looking at you." "What's wrong? Could that be... You just admiring me?" (Xiao x Elysia! Reader) Coming Soon

  • Fallen Angel (Scaramouche x Reader)
    3.4K 122 3

    "Don't talk to me until I've had my goddamn sugar." "Repent, you motherfucker!" "I'm actually a demon." Y/n Anarchy, a fallen angel who was banished from Celestia for her rude behavior. She stumbled across to Snezhnaya and decided to join the Fatui to seek her revenge from the Celestia.

  • Our Little Sunshine (Genshin Impact x Child! Reader)
    283K 8.8K 33

    "Have you seen Y/n's big brother and big sister?" "Y/n is worried they're no longer with Y/n..." "Big brother Aether... Big sister Lumine... Where are you...?" Y/n is the little sister of Aether and Lumine, the three of you travel from a different world. But one day an Unknown God appeared and takes your powers includ...

  • Troublemaker (Genshin Impact x Mlbb Reader)
    1.8K 107 2

    "What... What is this place? looks like we maybe lost." "Let's play together, heheheh." "Huh? Where... Where is my little bunny gone?" In which Y/N who happened to travel to go to the Land of Dawn to assist her big brother, Zilong. And atone for her mistakes, before she could return to the Sanctuary. But what...

  • Lover (Aether x Modern Reader)
    3.6K 152 3

    "Hold up! Your saying that we've been dating for a long time!?" "So I guess I can't simp for the others characters then..." "Well, I guess I have to be loyal person then." Y/N who happened to play Genshin Impact with her friend's phone, suddenly teleported here in the the game called "Genshin Impact". What would happe...