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  • Poison Wine【酒毒】
    202 14 1

    A man and a woman, before anything could bloom their story ended. The love is subtle however time did not want it. This is a story.. about two people within the conflicts of the world. Very short one, don't expect much.

  • Gong is Reliable, Shou is Obedient (Short Story)
    13.8K 832 6

    "You... You!" With nothing to say, she uttered the first words on the top of her mind. "You're my obedient xiao shou and I'm your reliable xiao gong!" Once out of the alley, she opened the car door and slammed it shut after getting in. The flower boy blinked a few times before laughing, his pearly teeth on display. Th...

  • Checkmate Your Heart (将心) | √
    22.8K 580 4

    Author: Celine Gu Xi Jue A story about a 'sick cat' and a 'jerk'.

  • A sad potato story
    11.2K 319 9

    Warning: will make you cry

  • Shi Jing
    16.9K 915 10

    A short story about an average girl transmigrated into an influential person, Shi Jing, in a cultivation world. It's also a story of the same girl having a very handsome disciple forced onto her by the Sect Master and then said disciple wanting to be her husband years later. Also available in Scribblehub and Royal...

  • The Evil Stepsister [short story]
    171 3 1

    Have you ever heard of a story where a nobleman's daughter is forced to live like a servant under her own roof? If not, how about this? A young girl's father remarried after the death of her mother. The stepmother brought along her two children from a previous marriage and they lived abusing the young girl. Soon aft...

  • Su Wan's Secret Love (Oneshot)
    3.2K 91 3

    A Jiu Lu Fei Xiang Short Story Su Wan has always had a crush on that one boy, Li Chengran. In the last year of high school, Su Wan confesses to him, but Li Chengran continues to remain aloof, shattering all of Su Wan's hopes. But, she still cannot let go. Later in the summer, Su Wan and Li Chengran's relationship spar...

  • Young Miss, the Master isn't Home
    13.8K 434 7

    Romance is in the Air Short Story Collection by Hong Jiu This is the story of a black-bellied, facial nerve paralysis suffering Young Master and his stepsister... It's so funny it'll make you ROFL!! Translator: Tranzgeek Editor: Ely

  • I Refuse to be a Named Character
    81.7K 6K 8

    I woke up inside the world of one of the best selling fantasy book series "Deadly Crown." Intrigue, handsome heroes, adventure... sounds great, right? Just one problem: all the named characters except the main hero and villain die, are replaced and their replacements die. Being important in this story is a death sente...

  • Baby's First Revenge
    56.9K 4.2K 7

    When Charlotte is betrayed and killed by the friend she sacrificed everything for, she thought it was the end. Instead, she found herself reborn as a baby, with her killer still enjoying the fame of stealing her work. Now, she's coming after him, and plans to make him pay... But first, nap time.

  • Akai (Red)
    18.5K 731 3

    [Completed] Childhood playmates. Childhood friends. Engagement. Marriage --- Ruan is going to marry her best friend. Her childhood love. However, she knows he is in love with someone else and she is okay with it. *Angst Warning *Art not mine

  • A Game To Make Him Fall
    3.2K 139 2

    Born to a house where women were only seen as tools to birth children, I was already in my twenties. I was standing on the crossroads of life. At my fingertips were close to fifty photos of different men. They were the marriage partner candidates my father had prepared. Those who took the initiative and volunteered be...

  • Until the Saint Loves Back_oneshot
    418 22 1

    A one-shot about a saint being courted. Associated Names Seijo ga, Itsukushimareru made 聖女が、慈しまれるまで Author: Kurosugikuron Translator/s: ***Not my story. For offline reading purposes** Please visit the site of the author / translator/s.

  • Rouged Lips
    4K 172 1

    When they married, he promised to paint her lips with rouge. That year the blossom slowly bloomed. However, over time, blossoms wilt and promises are broken. [It's short but beautifully written. In a simple way it shows the culture and the role in Ancient China. At the same time it also displays how human beings are...

  • Revival/Return from the Grave
    1.3K 71 1

    Description I am about to die, my only wish is to close my eyes and join the grave. But, that shameful woman unexpectedly seized my body and my husband/lord. Why is it her? Why is it her? I am unsatisfied... I am unwilling... [Quite an interesting short story that takes a different twist on body possession/reincarnati...

  • Give You My Heart
    349 12 1

    Author:十尾兔 Raws: jjwxc Translator: Limeblossom Editor: Nigaria A one shot depicting the journey of a pair of childhood sweethearts.

  • Doomed to be a Cannon Fodder
    59.7K 2.1K 7

    (Completed) (Not affiliated with the famous DCF novel- which is great btw) Of all the times to transmigrate into, I transmigrated into the time when the heroine was drugged by her evil stepsister, ready to be ravished by a perverted man. The tragedy is.... That cannon fodder perverted man.... Is me. (Art not mine.)

  • Reforming the Romance Novel's Male Lead
    64.3K 4.4K 7

    When a girl finds herself accidentally transported into the world of her favorite romance novel, she is pleased to find out that she's become the story's only sensible character: the unnamed coffee shop girl. Now with a front row seat to the romance, Megan finds that she just can't watch a dark and brooding hero awkwa...

  • Chaos Magic
    15.1K 1.5K 6

    Some people are not cut out to be legends. Like Grade E witch Morgan, who tries to pay rent with her low level magic and enjoy her everyday life. She may come from a long line of powerful witches, the descendant off Morgan la Fay, but that doesn't pay the pills, so why should she care? Until the day the devil himself...

  • Hell's Floor
    11.2K 840 5

    [Completed] A short shoujo fluff Modern Chinese story. Wen Jia was a doctor at a hospital with a floor dubbed "Hell's Floor". The thing that made Hell's Floor different from other floors was that every patient at Hell's Floor acted as if they were from a cliché Chinese drama. Lost memories, evil stepsisters, swapped a...

  • The Evil Villainess [Short Story]
    14.2K 737 1

    [Completed] Eliza Herrington was a Villainess in the otome game "Yan Yan Yandere" but she was happy to be one. That is until she met another more villainous person than her. A one-shot in the trope! (Art not mine!) Update: I've attempted to write a sequel to this story as a quick transmigration story. Please read the...

  • Turning Back Time | 若只如初见
    17.1K 602 3

    Author : Fei Bao (靡宝)

  • A Dragon's Debt
    5K 565 4

    The story of a dragon, disguised as a human. Of friendship, betrayal, love and loss. A dragon always pays its debts.

  • A Bite of the Cherry
    8.5K 458 1

    In the world of an Otome Game titled: {Icing on the Cake} The Lord's daughter (also the villainess of the otoge) declares: "Instead of playing the villainess, I would rather focus on my own love story!" The result is... (Ding Dong) «New Route Unlocked» Cover: Hori san to Miyamura kun / HERO + Daisuke Hagiwara ...