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  • toaster bath- g. weasley
    572 24 8

    "HEY, FREDDIE, ISN'T THAT THE GIRL WHO TRIED TO JUMP OUT OF THE OWLRY?" "AT LEAST WE KNOW SHE'S STILL ALIVE." IN WHICH a rising saleswoman becomes a threat to the Weasley twins, and one in particular takes an interest in her. OR Nesryn Watson is depressed, suicidal, attention needy, and overall a broke bitch. She is...

  • The Flirting Game ↪ h. potter
    297 9 3

    It all started when Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, suggested that his very own Seeker should flirt with the Seeker of Ravenclaw, so that she would be distracted enough to let him get the snitch first. Jessica Riviera was very surprised when a very flushed Harry Potter flew next to her and...

  • BREED:DIFFERENT -d.malfoy
    121K 5.4K 54

    " IT'S THE SNITCHING TO YOUR FATHER FOR ME. " " WOULD YOU STOP USING THOSE BLOODY REFERENCES. " IN WHICH Stella Holland has to spend her summer with the famous pureblood family to understand the magical world. She is a pureblood. Abandoned at birth, and discovered by Dumbledore at the age of fifteen. Stella is basic...

  • Daises ➪f.weasley
    474 31 3

    " COULD YOU STOP PUTTING DYE IN MY SHAMPOO? " " I DUNNO. RED REALLY SUITS YOU. " IN WHICH Fred Weasley finds a very easy target to try new products on. She just so happens to be Daisy Black, the very daughter Regulus Black. and he happens to fall for her the first time he saw her... My guy really said, "love at first...