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  • Strings of Fate
    248K 16.3K 52

    He'd never seen this color before. And never had a color shone so bright. Jimin has the ability to see colored strings, connecting people to each other. The colors and placement represented the precise relationship between each person. By the time Jimin reaches high school with his best friend, Taehyung, he believed...

  • HEROINE • Yoonmin
    23.6K 2K 67

    ©YoonminNCompany'20 • "Are you alive?" On Min Yoongi's first day of college, he meets his roommate, Park Jimin, who is passed out on the floor of their dorm. Unknowingly to Yoongi, just a simple phrase would throw him into a crazy spin-off from what he thought college was going to be like; as well as having to help a...

  • Instagram love story (Yoonmin) *Completed*
    189K 12.7K 108

    Meet Park Jimin, the ONLY person in South Korea that isn't obsessed with the biggest rapper in Korea, Min Yoongi. But can it all change?

  • Exposed. (BTS x Jimin)
    3.8K 225 4

    When Idol Park Jimin is forcibly outed by a scorned ex, his life in Bangtan suddenly gets harder when the members began to treat him differently.

  • p e a c h | m.yg +
    2.5K 157 18

    "i like the name peach, specifically for you, because you're so sweet and because i bet you taste even sweeter - like a peach." a story about a boy losing his comfort item. just a cute yoonmin story.

  • Sin on Skin // Yoonmin
    4K 314 33

    "Why should I apologize for the monster I've become? No one apologized for making me this way." ~•~•~ In a twisted way what happens when a blue-eyed beauty falls from the heavens and makes a big splash in the lives of the Crooked Star's crew and the broken families that should've stayed apart?