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  • Love Until It Hurts (Monteverde Series 4)
    6.4M 125K 44

    Zade does not believe that first love never dies. For him, no matter how fervent love is, if you don't nurture it, you'll eventually fall out of it. Sam does not believe that time heals all wounds. For her, no matter how many times she runs away from the pain and regret, they always seem to know where to follow. Th...

  • One Last Raindrop
    1M 37.8K 50

    Despite being worlds apart and rivals in academics, bratty Dior can't help falling for their family's gardener and driver, Migo. But when her parents try to break them up, can the love and trust they have be enough to help them survive? *** Trained to be best, Nevada Dior Del Valle never lets anyone get in her way. Sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wake Up, Dreamers
    1.5M 101K 33

    When an unlikely group comprising of a photographer, writer, musician, artist, and poet band together for a documentary film project, anything can happen. Even the impossible. ***** College student Molly Lazuli's dream was always to become a writer. But since her parents never supported that calling, she worked toward...

  • Play The Game (COMPLETED)
    31.7M 1M 48

    (Game Series # 1) For as long as Katherine could remember, Juan Alexandro Yuchengco has always been her dream guy. He's smart, kind, and could be funny when he wanted to... but the problem was, he never saw her as more than his sister's friend. And she's determined to change that. She followed him to law school. She...