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  • The Unexpected Marriage
    248K 8.2K 28

    " I can't marry him ma... I didn't complete my college an-" she cut it by telling," Please understand ammu..his great grandmother is sick and she wants you guys to marry. What's wrong with him? he is nice guy la?" I couldn't stand anymore so I rushed to my room and laid on my bed tried not to think about him and hi...

  • The Accidental Sperm Donor
    106K 4.1K 19

    "Miss i'm afraid to tell you the only possible way since your boyfriend can't provide it is a sperm donor" Dr.McCall said with a pity look , I get it alright I don't need any more pity in my life. "Alright where is a place that you recommend? " "We provide it here" I took a deep breath "Let's do it then" This part wi...

  • The CEO!!!
    116K 2.8K 38

    Lilly has always had some what of a horrible life, she was fired from a shit job and then her best friend Sammy found her another, she becomes the personal assistant for the CEO of a very very rich and high up there company that sells oil. She seams to be falling in love with him but doesn't know why she can't seam to...

  • The Secret of Xavier
    172K 6.6K 25

    *cover by Lunagust* Eighteen year old Hudson Baxter has a secret; one that he has kept for three years so far. The secret caused him to move to a new city. A secret that has caused him and his first love trouble. More importantly, a secret that keeps him up at night because it can't sleep during thunderstorms. ...

  • Truth Of My Life #E-Awards
    49.4K 1.6K 28

    Love is their strength Love is their world When everyone left their side they hold each other's hand.

  • Broken Promises
    76.5K 2.8K 9

    He pushed me against the wall, trapping me with his hands on the either sides of me on the wall. He brought his face in front of me, our lips almost touching each other's. "You are nothing but trash from my past", he said. Laughing humorlessly, he continued saying, "Just a used toy from past" and a loud sound resonate...

    144K 4.7K 18

    'Jeez, what is wrong with him?' I laughed. 'Sofia, have you any idea who he is?' Tamara asked me. 'Nope.' I stated. 'Well he's-' Tamara began but I cut her off quickly. 'And don't elaborate because I simply don't care. To me he's a rude bastard so whatever his stupid title is, I really don't care.' I said with no...

  • Written In The Stars
    186K 6.3K 47

    When Ardella Bloom comes across a job offer as a personal assistant, she can't give the opportunity up. Stuck in a dead end job, with a boss who doesn't know the definition of respect, this could be her only escape. At least from her financial issues. Her own demons are the ones truly holding her back from happiness...

  • The Act of Forgiveness
    410K 11.1K 32

    Jasper Dean left for Los Angeles when he was 20 years old to chase his singing dream, but no one knew what he was leaving behind in Seattle. More than a year later, he returns and runs into his childhood sweetheart. Who happens to have a baby. His baby.

  • Billionaire Baby Deal
    1.2M 32.6K 17

    With her fathers business hitting rock bottom, Alley Knight turns to the one man who will take the greatest of pleasures in this whole complicated mess. Her fathers mortal enemy. Her one and only love. And the man who took her virginity and stamped on her heart in the blink of an eye. Diego Mendez, spanish billionair...

  • And Then They Fell In Love || PrAnushka (Jai-Vennela) Story
    3.7K 319 6

    Highest Rank till now :: #405 in Fanfiction This is inspired from a movie and my first SS at IF which I wrote in year 2013. This is gonna be of humor and romance genre and on Prabhas and Anushka - my favorite couple!! The story is about two childhood friends who want to get their kids married to each other but their k...

  • 24/7 [h.s.]
    16M 436K 111

    "Listen to me, princess. I've had enough of your attitude. We're both in hell here. So either suck it up or shut up. Do I make myself clear?" -- Emma Winston never expected her father to become President of the United States. When she got accepted into her dream school she never expected to have a secret service agen...

  • The boss and his baby #ishqbaaaz
    522K 34.2K 80

    #6 IN FANFICTION !! (ON HOLD) A journey of two couples who meet as a boss and employees and end up being life partners ! (Here Baby means a slang word for their lady love )

  • Taarey ff - His Dancing Doll.
    2.5K 79 5

    Story status - on-going

  • Finding My Husband's Heart
    1.6M 42.9K 66

    ***HIGHEST RANKING #35 in ROMANCE *** Sarah had a crush on him ever since seventh grade but he never even noticed her. All she ever dreamed of was to get married to him. Well, she got what she wished for even though it was an arranged marriage where the parents decided to get their kids to marry each other instead of...

  • Married To Mr. Perfect
    6.6K 295 3

    Taani Shekhawat, 24, a well known wedding planner married to a billionaire, Reyaansh singhania, The perfect man and life partner. Their married life was going smooth until her husband's dark past knock on their door. The dark past which holds the power to shatter their perfect world. What happens when almost an year l...

  • Taarey ff - Love after arrange marriage 1
    37.3K 1K 32

    story status - On-going

  • The Reckoning of the Camellia
    126K 3.4K 18

    A camellia flower symbolizes love, devotion, affection, and admiration. It is known that this flower also symbolizes refinement, perfection, and faithfulness. This is why her mother named her Camellia however, Camellia doesn't stand for any of those. Ever since her mother's death she has been the only reason her fathe...

  • Love Story... We Made Together
    219K 6K 37

    Mahi is a simple Indian girl. Her hopes of having a love story gets shattered when Samyak (her would be groom) eloped before engagement. Destiny was never in her favour. What will happen when Love knocks her Destiny Door??? Will she open the door or not?? Let's find out in this sweet bitter tale...

  • forever and ever
    130K 6.3K 42

    RADHIKA MISHRA... SWEET,LOVING CHILDISH, NAIVE ... yet a spitfire... full of energy thats how she is... NEIL a happy go lucky .. guy.. sam ... samaira khanna... sweet and salty.. theji a silent .. yet funny lovely cute guy. ... this is their story... about their unique friendship... and the hardships they faces to...

  • Loving You
    18.3K 620 10

    This book (previously known as 'forbidden desires') was previously published on the account 'Greenwood_spirits' however had to be stopped due to certain reasons. Radhika Mishra is the only daughter of a millionaire. She is a happy go lucky kinda person however one incident turns her life 180°. Arjun Mehra. A standal...

  • Not Just An Ordinary Family
    108K 9K 63

    #7 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) Shiva and Shalini were the perfect couple. Unfortunately, their closest friends Narain and Anuradha would never get along with each other. Seven years later, their lives have changed drastically. Shiva and Shalini have a six year old daughter named Nila. Narain and Anuradha have st...

  • Revenge to Regret
    419K 14.3K 32

    "Decision is all yours" said shlok with a smirk on his face. "pls shlok why are u doing this to me" came reply from naina. "I guess you know the answer better than me so, don't u dare to question me again Mrs Naina shlok agnihotri. i guess now you got your answers so, just get out of my cabin". naina turned to go awa...

  • Love marriage!!!!!!!! impossible
    143K 7.2K 29

    "I hate you Arjun, What were you doing with that girl? What are you trying to prove Arjun? Don't you dare think I'm jealous? Because I'm not" She yelled at the top of her voice. Ohhhh my Strawberry she's sooo inoocent that she don't know to even conceal her jealousy....... My doll's che...

  • The Billionaires Ex Wife
    552K 9.5K 31

    "Cole I swear I didn't do anything, I didn't kiss Sam. You have to believe me. I love you and only you." I pleaded "Sign these papers and get out of my house, come to the meeting with my lawyer and take the money...that's what you wanted all this time isn't it?" He coldly replied. "But Co-" "Get out and don't you dare...

  • Her Arrogant Husband
    40.8K 1.9K 35

    Previously know as "Marriage A sacred bond" ******* " We two are different people, marriage isn't an option for us" "You have to marry me in order to save your father and your family" "Why are you so stubborn, cant you see, this marriage would end up by divorce or we would really kill each other. This marriage will no...

  • You Are My Destiny {Re-writing}
    19K 1.8K 14

    Highest ranking - 15 in Humor ******* Vihar Deshmukh has always been her enemy-- except maybe for a few milliseconds. It's been more than a decade since she has seen him, but their years on opposite ends were less of mutual understanding and more of a repressed nuclear attack. Vihar Deshmukh does his best to live...

  • The Billionaire's Regret
    427K 9.8K 24

    Skylar Phoenix got pregnant and has nobody to help her. Not even the one that got her pregnant. He wants nothing to do with it. Or will he? Dimitri Blade the self made billionaire. The one that got Skylar pregnant. And the one whose going to regret the way he treated her. What will happen as the pregnancy progresses w...

  • His Temporary Wife ( A Muslim Love Story )
    264K 14.7K 37

    ( Spiritual/Romance ) "Dont worry wifey .. This is just temporary, I have no intentions of keeping a women like you as my wife for real.THIS WILL BE OVER SOON! " He spat on my face with disgust. "What will be over?" I asked holding back my tears. "This arrangement sweetie .. The husband wife game we'll be playing f...