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  • typical
    188 42 21

    you really are typical.

  • waves by the sea
    23 0 26

    i wanna be with you by the sea

  • i remember you
    663 54 36

    you do?

  • no take backs ^ jaemin
    1.5K 105 21

    once you start you can't take it back

  • 30 days ▿ mark lee [ rewriting ]
    23.4K 930 37

    is 30 days enough to make you laugh? WAS RANK 1 ON MARK LEE AT SOME POINT (6/28/22) WTFFFFFF

  • look away ☄ kim jungwoo
    14.6K 468 71

    why won't you leave me alone. stalker au warnings: blood character death obsessive behaviours stalking knives lowercase intended

  • scopaesthesia 🌦 lee jeno
    21.7K 635 42

    scopaesthesia the phenomenon in which humans detect being stared at by extrasensory means. Who are you? "Shouldn't I be asking you the same exact question?" demon/sleep paralysis demon au warnings: cursing

  • toffee ☕ qian kun
    3.5K 194 17

    Oh god how did he manage to meet such a chaotic group of friends at his peaceful cafe? "YO JOHND CAN I GET UHH ANOTHER ESPRESSO UP IN THIS JOINT?" And they're back.. Cafe AU warnings: memeing mild cursing crackfic