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  • Marvel Mental Health one shots
    86.3K 1.6K 32

    A collection of one shots that I've written about y/n or an Avengers struggle with mental health REQUESTS CLOSED (just for now, thank you!) Book 2 - start- (1.11.2021) I am in no way the best writer, I just enjoy it - and I hope you guys do too! xxx

    Completed   Mature
    106K 477 5


    Completed   Mature
  • criminal minds: one shots 2
    8.1K 184 7

    one shots about your favorite profilers!! just random stories, which will also talk about mental health problems english is not my first language and please correct me, if I made any mistakes

  • Criminal Minds Imagines <3
    121K 1K 122

    Like the title says, imagines. Characters will be mostly Hotch Morgan And Reid *requests for characters or imagines r accepted* NO SM^T!!! These may have TW Please be kind I haven't written before! I OWN NONE OF THE CHARACTERS!!! I also write Marvel Imagines in another story!!!

  • Aaron Hotchner Oneshots
    212K 2.7K 65

    Suggestions are open. I'll do tons of fluff :) that's about it

  • Spencer Reid One Shots
    107K 1.5K 38

    Just a bunch of one shots. I had almost 300k views before my book got deleted.

  • emily prentiss x reader oneshots
    6.8K 101 5

    collection of my emily prentiss x reader fics some gn!reader, some fem!reader summary + warnings included at the top of each fic any smut chapters will be marked with * all originally posted on my tumblr @temilyrights do not repost my work <3

  • Aaron Hotchner One Shots
    40.9K 692 3

    Some Aaron Hotchner one-shots, originally posted on AO3.

  • Criminal minds x Reader
    18.5K 222 15

    If you have a suggestion Give a name and a Topic

  • JJ x reader one shots and imagines
    2.7K 36 6

    Random one shots and imagines of JJ and reader

  • Spencer Reid One Shots
    58.8K 736 8

    Spencer Reid x reader one shots. A collection of smut, angst, and fluff.

  • Criminal Minds Preferences/One-Shots
    141K 1.4K 24

    Preferences and one-shots for the beautiful cast of Criminal Minds. Will include: Jason Gideon Aaron Hotchner Derek Morgan Spencer Reid Matt Simmons Luke Alvez David Rossi Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau Emily Prentiss Tara Lewis Penelope Garcia Requests are open, so feel free to give me any suggestions you may have!!

  • Emily Prentiss x Reader Imagines
    14.2K 263 8

    Short stories between you and Emily Prentiss. Requests being taken.

  • AvengersxChildReader oneshots
    2.5K 44 6

    I'm also doing requests for this so if you want to be a child of an Avenger you can let me know

  • Criminal Minds Imagines
    77.1K 714 12

    One-Shot book filled with fem!reader imagines for the men of Criminal Minds; Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Luke Alvez, and also BAU x reader piled with angst, fluff, soft but NO SMUTTTT!!! feel free to send in requests :) - ella xx

  • Derek and Spencer Fluff/Smut (CM Fanfic)
    88.7K 1.3K 17

    THIS IS NOT A DEREKXSPENCER OR A MORID OR ANY OTHER SHIP NAMES BETWEEN THE TWO. This is going to be different fluff or smut or whatever with the readers so this is really a DerekXfemreader or Spencerxfemreader it's obviously a Criminal Minds fanfiction and I do not own the characters. Also I'll be doing one Spencer on...

  • Criminal Minds Imagines
    269K 3.9K 30

    Imagines about Spencer reid Derek Morgan Aaron Hotchner David Rossi And many more

  • Spencer Reid-Imagines
    112K 1.1K 13

    Basically these are just gonna be imagines, dm or comment suggestions lol :)

  • Criminal Minds One-shots
    141K 2.2K 23

    *2/13/20 Edit: Holy shit!! Thank you guys for 600 reads!! **2/15/20: HOLY SHIT!!!! 700 reads and 7 votes!! ***2/18/20: OH MY GOD! AH! 800 reads!! ****4/3/20: 3K reads?!?! Im actually crying guys, thank you so much! - I've never written on wattpad before please be nice. Well, here we go, Criminal Minds oneshots, req...

  • Criminal Minds x Reader One Shots.
    250K 3.4K 32

    Meraki /may•rah•kee/ (Verb) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. ☽★☾ Because I'm slightly obsessed with the show Criminal Minds and so I decided to make this book full of one shots. They are all mine and going to be Reader Insert stories. I'm always taking reques...

  • Criminal Minds Imagines
    112K 1.2K 20

    One shots and imagines for Criminal Minds.

  • Criminal Minds Imagines
    2.6M 48.3K 91

    Criminal Minds x Reader Imagines Including: 🖤 Spencer Reid 🖤 Aaron Hotchner 🖤 Derek Morgan 🖤 Luke Alvez (coming soon!) 🖤 Matt Simmons (coming soon!) I do not own these characters, but I do own all of the stories written in this book. I do not consent to any of the works in this book being copied and shared to an...

  • jennifer jareau one-shots
    4.3K 51 6

    this is just gonna be a book of one shots! may include ships, and more!

  • Spencer Reid adopts you (oneshots) (taking requests)
    12.3K 192 8

    I would love to do an actual story instead of oneshots but my writing Skills are non existent _____________ different scenarios of Spencer Reid adopting you 🔴I will put trigger warnings before a triggering scene and one after the scene. Also a warning before the story starts.🔴 !!Gender neutral reader!!

  • wicked games | a.h
    198K 1.7K 14

    smut, lust, fluff etc filled one shots of Aaron Hotchner.

  • Criminal Minds OneShots Because There Aren't Enough (requests closed)
    306K 4.9K 43

    Random One shots you requested... go crazy but not to crazy (requests closed )

  • Criminal Minds Imagines (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED)
    1M 16K 49

    Just like the title says!

  • Criminal Minds One Shots
    312K 3.8K 62

    This is just a bunch of Criminal Minds one shots. I will do requests

  • cm one-shots
    3.4K 46 6

    a plethora of one-shots about ALL the cm characters! (DMs are open for requests)

  • criminal minds ✕ one shots
    1.3K 10 4

    just simple criminal minds one shots:) cover made by someone off of pinterest:/ i can't find original credit lmk if anyone knows these will all be just characters and characters or whatever, not character x reader (a lot of these will be friendships not necessarily ships, but i'll do both) all characters are not own...