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  • Temptation Island {Larry Stylinson}
    587K 18.2K 64

    "We can go into the hiding room. Come on, babe. We haven't done anything yesterday." Harry's lips caress Louis' soft skin of his neck, quickly looking around, making sure they are out of sight of the camera's. "Are you sure? Harry our girlfriends are on the other side of the island." Louis whispers. His eyes are close...

  • Meet With You
    9 1 1

    Meet Eros Proferio and Valentina Procesa

  • Hihip
    1.4K 102 19

    !!ONGOING STORY!! It's Gulumihan's birthday today. Gulumihan's birthday wish is to learn more about love as she celebrates her 16th year in this world. Her father, Ipininid, recalls his past experiences in love to open Gulumihan's mind about what love was in the real world before. Gulumihan is very fortunate to live i...

  • Magnetic love (Tagalog)
    22 14 14

    Blaine Tyson comes from a rich family, tall and handsome but even one has never had a girlfriend because he doesn't like women who don't value themselves. But there is a woman who will work at his company as a janitor and hide her true identity before she even works at Tyson's company. But who is that janitor? Is she...

  • The Last Quarantine
    575K 43.7K 69

    During the spread of the deadliest virus in 2054 Philippines, Santhy Gozon struggles to survive to reach the last quarantine. *** A sixteen-year-old student should be worrying about school, friends, girls, growing up-not battling the deadliest virus the world has ever seen, but Santhy doesn't exactly have a choice. Th...