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  • dreamnotfound oneshots ❤︎❣︎
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    hi! disclaimer, this book will have ships within the dream team (sapnotfound, dreamnap, dreamnapfound and karlnap) but only when requested. but if you want i have a different oneshots book posted, and a little space one shots book (: also both of my oneshots books are mainly smut, most of my chapters are requested and...

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  • Dreamnotfound smutshots
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    first smutshots story. I'm no expert, believe me. But I'm trying.

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  • Heartstopper
    14.5K 251 25

    Charlie, a highly-strung, openly gay over-thinker, and Nick, a cheerful, soft-hearted rugby player, meet at a British all-boys grammar school. Friendship blooms quickly, but could there be something more...?

  • The Wedding //dnf
    61.2K 1.9K 22

    When Dream's girlfriend breaks up with him a week before his mom's wedding, what's a poor sad, green blob to do but invite his best friend George instead? Art Creds: Updates: March 8th 2022: Wth apparently this old fanfic I wrote is #64 in dnf ??? hello ??? M...

  • biggest fan [DNF]
    72.8K 3.3K 32

    dream is a new big YouTuber with already millions of followers, growing at a rapid speed. He's spending hours after hours editing, but is still some average high schooler with tons of homework. At the young age of 17 he goes to his boring bland high school, with a pretty low social status. He's living content with...

  • The Arrangement|DNF
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    George comes from a wealthy and prestigious family who only care about reputation, status, power and money. Certainly not George or his brother. George, as the eldest, is forced into a marriage with the top bachelor, Dream. No one knows much about him, or even what his face looks like, and his name Dream is just an a...

  • the popular boy's boyfriend // dnf
    153K 4.8K 41

    George is a foreign student entering into a high-school located in a small city in Florida. He doesn't expect to find Dream there, who's the most popular boy in the school. But what happens once his tiny crush blossoms into a mysterious story that Dream has to figure out? *inspired by my own story, 'my high school sw...

  • did you mean it? // dreamnotfound
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    George had only been in the u.s for about 2 years now. Every since he's moved, he's had feelings for a football player at his high school, Clay Taken. He went to a party, which Clay was attending, and something unexpected happened. Did he mean it? - possible tw: -homophobia -underage drinking -abuse - #15 lgbtq 3/3/2...

  • Pretend | DreamNotFound | COMPLETE
    116K 4.8K 15

    Only some people can see their red string when they turn 18. What happens when you find out your red string is attached to your best friend, who has no idea you are their soulmate. (Dream, Sapnap, and George were all born in the same year for the sake of this story.) Wattpad -48 votes and 630 reads (January 8th) -73...

  • Melting the ice // DNF
    41.7K 1.7K 30

    Dream and George meet on the ice, and make an immediate connection. Though some jealously bubbles to the surface when rivals teams meet-up, and Georges attention is elsewhere... TYSM for 200 reads :) Almost 400 reads a few days later y'all are amazing 500 reads, you guys are insane tysm YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY 1K ILYSM Hol...

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  • Famously Infamous (DNF)
    65.2K 2.7K 45

    Clay is a famous faceless Youtuber known as Dream, but his friends and family have no idea. And he wants to keep it that way. But after a strange interaction, Clays best friend George starts to get suspicious. What is Clay hiding? Cover art is not mine! Started: May 2021 Finished: September 2021 Best ratings: #1 in...

  • Love You Regardless
    73.1K 3.5K 24

    Clay has autism and finds comfort in simple things, the illuminated a fireplace on a winter's night, fish swimming and stuffed animals. However, this was all soon to change after a tragic accident. Clay finds himself alone, seeing his happiness slip away from one simple mistake. George doesn't have an easy home life...

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  • Quiet, Kitten || dnf
    417K 13.1K 48

    Major TW: graphic descriptions of rape George is living a good life with his boyfriend, Cole. Well... maybe "good" isn't the right word... Let me try again. George is living a nightmare. Cole is cruel, cold, and forceful, and George doesn't want it. He hates his life with Cole, he hates the constant abuse and sexual a...

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  • Hidden Love
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    [FINISHED] George, a 17 year old, unpopular boy who gets bullied falls for Clay. A popular boy with a girlfriend, loads of friends... But one day Clay is the one to stand up against the bullies and they see each other more often than ever expected. Clay is way different than George thought. Behind his 'mask' he is lo...

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  • foolhardy - dreamnotfound
    211K 5.9K 11

    "do you love me enough to stop ruining yourself for me?" dream x george fanfic *:・゚✧*:・゚ major content warnings drug & alcohol usage, nsfw warnings will be labeled per chapter

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  • Everything isn't always as it seems || Karl Jacobs angst || DISCONTINUED
    55.2K 1.5K 14

    Trigger Warnings!! abuse suicidal thoughts self harm Eating disorder (if more triggering things come up I'll add it into the tws!) i made a few people in this AU siblings just so you know fan fic includes ships, such as DreamNotFound KarlNap SkepHalo (?) and so on i will not be shipping ccs that are not comfortable wi...

  • Gamer Online
    70K 2.7K 14

    -Dream Joined the Discord Call- There was silence for a moment he watched the screen as George stopped moving is character and looked over. His face broke out in a smile as he heard George laugh. "Dreams here! YES!" Dream felt his chest swell up bursting with emotion he had so many things to say but settled with, "Ge...

  • Out Of Control
    747K 22.1K 36

    George is diagnosed with autism and OCD. He goes to a normal school, but is a little younger in his head than he really is. He is always alone and has no one to fall back on, until he meets Clay in a bakery. George likes going there and Clay starts noticing Georges gifts. They start becoming friends and for the first...

  • Dance Class
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    Dance. That's it.

  • I Fell in Love with a Boy in a Maid Dress - Dreamnotfound
    1.2M 44.6K 55

    MaidNotFound Café Clay takes part in a challenge at a party and he loses, meaning he has to go to the new Maid Café that opened in their town just a week ago. Once he was there, he was more than glad that he ended up losing. Dreamnotfound

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  • Broken But "I'm Okay"
    3.7K 184 12

    angst. Dream acts super hyped up and happy on stream and on call but when twitch is closed and discord isnt open he's not as happy as he acts. SELF HARM. MENTIONS OF SUICIDE AMD POSSIBLY ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. DONT READ IF ANY OF THIS TRIGGERS YOU. STAY SAFE YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH I LOVE YOU 💕💗

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  • Someone to you - Dreamnotfound
    145K 3.3K 18

    Dream is a rebellious teenager in high school, But what will happen when an english exchange student arrives at the school? Will include, small bits of anxiety, possibly anxiety attacks Swearing

  • Until I Met You
    99.9K 4.9K 33

    After George accidentally outs himself in front of the popular and homophobic guys of the school everything seems fine at first. However, that soon changes when he receives weird and hurtful messages online, this soon escalates from just one message to something much more serious. Meanwhile, Clay is closeted yet he h...

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  • The Tutor [DNF]
    457K 14.2K 49

    Clay is a football player in college- his future looking bright, his NFL dreams waiting for him, until he fails his functions midterm. And George? He's smart, ambitious, and aces every test put in front of him. He, on the other hand, got an A plus on the midterm. They're opposites, but you know what they say, Opposite...

  • Famous Hearts || Dreamnotfound
    252K 9.6K 23

    Being able to go to his favorite band's concert is a dream-come-true for George, but when the leader singer, Dream, notices him... that's a whole different story. #1 georgewastaken - 06/01/2021 #11 gream - 06/01/2021 #28 dreamwastaken - 06/01/2021 #1 singerau - 06/26/2021 #114 mxm - 06/26/2021 #60 ranboolive - 07/19/2...

  • .: The Rink :. Dnf .:. REWRITTEN
    469K 12.7K 69

    .:REWRITTEN:. Dream also Known as Clay plays hockey for a living with his bestfriend Sapnap. George a unnoticeable male figure skater around his town. One day Dream decided to practice late after practice then he ran into someone who would eventually become one of he best friends... maybe something more. ⚠️ This stor...

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  • Road trip (DNF and Karlnap)
    125K 3.5K 35

    The Dream smp are going on a road trip!! Featuring Tommy, Tubbo, Wilbur, Sapnap, Bad , Karl and Dream and George!! Chaos awaits them and also some very fun adventures! Number 5 in karlnap!! 2021 May 4th Number 1!!! Karlnap!! 2021 June 21!! Number 1 in DREAMNOTFOUND!!! 2021 Dec 16th 1k reads may 7 2021!!!! 1,069 reads...

  • Autophobia (DNF FANFIC)~discontinued
    35.6K 1.1K 24

    Dream has been friends with George online for a while. So one day, he decides to surprise George by visiting him. He doesn't know though, that George has a particular fear that Dream is also taking away, just by being there. Ya'll...This is my first fic, so go easy on meh ;-;

  • Marker Soulmate AU (DNF/Karlnapity)
    28.7K 1K 36

    Highschool AU, inspired by the TikTok trend where when you draw on yourself it shows up on your Soulmate as well, but it only takes effect on your 16th birthday.