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  • metanoia: wandanat
    19.8K 614 7

    After Age of Ultron and Pietro's death, Wanda can't help but feel lost and heartbroken. She knows nobody of the Avengers likes nor trusts her so she shuts everyone out. But there are people who deeply care for her and try to help the young witch. One of them being Natasha Romanoff ...

  • The Scarlet Apprentice
    1.8M 86.2K 83

    Half the population returned. Wanda Maximoff was labelled an 'anomaly' and an official criminal in sword's eyes. But now she's moved away to a cabin where no one would be able to bother her, and she wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. That was until y/n's plane suddenly crashed in the woods not far from wanda's cab...

    Completed   Mature