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  • MinJi
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    It's all about eternal love BTS മലയാളം FF Taekook 💜 Namjin 💜 yoonmin Jimin is a college student in the school of arts....fully active i mean an extroverted person..... Who got a crush over an introverted person named Yoonji who is studying hotel management. Koodthal onnum parayunnilla.... WARNING ⚠️Katta romance. B...

  • Permission To Love
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    [ LOVE RARELY WAITS FOR PERMISSION ] BTS മലയാളം FF Nammude ellavarudeyum life othiri different aanu but chilappol kore miracles sambhavich nammal ellarum onnikkum alle. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world. pala sahacharyangal kondum friends aaya othiri koottukar namuk undavum. Life is full of su...

  • You can't Babyboy
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    .. and I crave you... not like an addiction, but an obsession.. i guess that's the best way to describe it. Am not obsessed... but i love you, everything about you...... - JK Disclaimer ⚠️ This is not for homophobic individuals This story is purely fictional... not related to any idols a...

  • Just let me love you
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    It's a love story ❤️💫 Yoongi and Jimi oru paad kaalathe pranayathinoduvil onnavunna randu per.santhoshamaaya jeevidathinidayil apratheekshithamaayi nadakkunna chila sambhavangal💔 💜 Yoonmin 💜 Taekook 💜 Namjin 💜 Sope 💜