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  • Our Time - Ryomen Sukuna x Reader
    79.4K 3.1K 61

    Ryomen Sukuna. More often called Sukuna is a mighty curse spirit known as the King of Curses. Dozens of sorcerers give them in to defeat the immortal being for more than 1000+ years, who goes after his 20 fingers to execute him from this world. Then, what if someone encounter him but instead to help him, not to kill h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Two As One - Sano Manjiro x Reader
    136K 4.6K 56

    "Did you just block my kick?" In which Y/n stopped Mikey when he was about to beat up a bad guy, and it startled him. Never once a girl brave herself to blocked his mainstay attack. Meet L/n Y/n, technically you. She is the leader of Judo Club in her school. p.s. will not contain spoilers from the manga, part of plot...

  • The Awaken of The Demon Celestial Wizard - Natsu x Lucy
    34.1K 969 33

    After a long journey of 100 years quest, Team Natsu went back to Magnolia to their guild Fairy Tail. But there was something wrong with Lucy, there's a great power that awaken from her body. When it occur, Natsu and Lucy slowly show affection towards each other, what will happen to the two? This is my first book about...

  • The Boar Needs Me - Inosuke x Aoi
    82.3K 2.3K 36

    Hashibira Inosuke. All this time he only cared for himself, and his two idiotic friends: Tanjiro and Zenitsu. But when 5 years past by, Inosuke slowly started to learn something new. That something is in Kanzaki Aoi, getting to know her made Inosuke feel what he never felt before. p.s. please read my notes at the be...

  • Whatever It Takes, For You - Natsu x Lucy
    8.6K 247 37

    "Natsu, it was always been you. From the beginning until the end, I will always love the fire dragon king slayer that I adored. You made me know what love of a family is. You taught me how to be a best friend, a wife, and a mother. Because of you, Natsu. We met Nashi together in this world." ~Book 2 of The Awaken of...