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  • Kamen Rider of DxD (Male Reader X Highschool DxD)
    1.1K 36 4

    Y/N L/N, was just a normal teenager who was also a genius. But, what people don't know is that he has a double life, by day he's a regular student, but at night he's a Kamen Rider, who protects humans, from the stray fallen angels and stray devils that are in Kuoh. But, what will happen when he gets the attention of a...

  • Alien Hero of Beacon (Male Reader X RWBY)
    26.5K 378 12

    Y/N was just a normal 10 year old boy, who was living a ordinary life with his family, then one day he finds an alien watch that can transform him into different aliens that have different powers. Y/N uses these powers that he got to help and protect everyone. Now, Y/N is going to Beacon Academy, but what happens when...

  • Devil May Cry X KILL LA KILL: Demonic Fashion
    29.1K 476 18

    Have you heard of the legend of the Dark Knight Sparda? The Demon who betrayed his own kind to free humanity from the demons and sacrificed his own power to seal them. Well as it turns out the dark knight had two off springs, His eldest Son Vergil and his youngest son Dante. The two sons were separated from each other...

  • AOAA{Hiatus}
    4.6K 65 10

    Hiatus, cause I got school, so don't ask when it'll be continued. This takes place about a year and a half after Ben 10 Omniverse When Y/N dies and meets his friend Kazuma and goes on an adventure with a goddess(Aqua) to defeat an evil king, what will happen? Infinity Battle? Multiverse War? Teammates returning? Read...

  • Void dragon slayer (Fairytail x Harem x male reader)
    277K 4.7K 43

    (Y/N) (L/N) is a Dragon/Human hybrid, in the early X300s his mum had united with a dragon and he was born, his mother died shortly after his birth and (Y/N) lived with his dragon dad in the forest, He learned Void dragon slayer magic and and things were fine as they were for a while, until one day on July 7th X777 (...

  • Rias x OP Mreader
    38.7K 401 19

    After your parents died you gained the power of the devil king. You went on a rampage until you found the woman of your dreams a red head who saved you from the hell you suffered. Now you train under her brother Sirzechs AKA previous devil king.

  • Konosuba X OP male reader: A hero's new beginning
    137K 1.8K 21

    Y/n L/n was a normal teenage boy who wanted to go on magic adventures and fighting monsters and being a hero so he can make others happy. On day there was a fire in a building and Y/n risk his life to save a group of family before he die in a huge explosion after he saved a family. In the after life he met another tee...

  • Broken Glyph:RWBY Harem x Abused Male Schnee Reader
    361K 5K 27

    F/n Schnee had it rough his whole life. His family mistreated him like a slave and a training dummy at such a young age that it's highly unacceptable. They forced him to work for them, locked him in a cell, beat him, and called him a disgrace to the Schnee family name. However, they never knew he had a second...cold S...

  • "The Golden Eyes"- RWBY X Male Reader
    183K 2K 21

    I love rwby so much so I'm like why don't i give it a go

  • From Abused and Neglected, to Stronger: RWBY x Abused and Neglected Male Reader
    538K 5.7K 25

    This an abused and neglected story I thought of after reading one that's kind similar to what's in this one. So, basically is in this story. You (the reader) ran away from an abusive family that ignored you, your brother and sister even bullies you and puts you down. You run away and as you do your life changes where...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spider-Man Male reader x RWBY harem
    60.4K 460 25

    Like a streak of light, he arrives just in time. Wealth and fame? he's ignored, action is his reward.

  • Shy Boy and Invincible Girl (Pyrrha x MaleReader x Rwby Harem)
    153K 1.7K 25

    Y/n L/n or know as the shyish boy on Remnant, Y/n was in a relationship with Pyrrha Nikos. Y/n always feel shy when around her or any girls, Y/n may have a sweet side for Pyrrha, but has a dark side, When Y/n isn't around Pyrrha, Y/n were unleash something to the other males who think they are better with her. (I don'...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Son of Torchwick ( Male Reader x Rwby Harem)
    78.9K 1.4K 26

    Roman has a Son named Y/N. He is extremely protective about him. But even he didn't knew how powerful his son really was

    Completed   Mature
  • The Last Sea Faunus ( OP Faunus Male Reader x Rwby Harem)
    43.4K 907 8

    Years ago there were two types of Faunus. Land and Sea Faunus. The Sea Faunus were killed off by Atlas and the Schnee Family. Or so they thought. One survived and was kept a secret by Menagerie. He has return to extract his revenge on Atlas and the Schnee family.

  • Obsessed And Yandere : ( Rwby Harem X Shy Shota Child Reader)
    113K 1.2K 12

    While in Vale the infamous team of rwby came across a cute young boy who was in a box and they decided to take the boy with him. So what will happen to the young child who goes by the name of Y/N L/N when he enters beacon academy and that he will start to draw attention to the girls of the school and that they become...

  • A Team's Love(Popular Cheerleader team RWBY x Unpopular Male Reader)
    406K 3.1K 11

    (Wanted to make a short story and a AU) In Beacon High (Y/N) was an ordinary student who has no girlfriend or even popular among anyone, he try to fit in but he only manage to make a couple friends that is until four popular girls see him as a perfect boyfriend to date in secret or possibly more.

    Completed   Mature
  • No More Pain, Need to be Strong: RWBY Harem x Depressed Male Reader
    262K 2.9K 24

    This was an idea that popped into my head and there will be a neglected and abused part, but not for you the reader, but for a reason in this story, and there will be some sad parts in some chapters. In the world of Remnant, a family is abuses their oldest son Jason as he didn't do anything to them as well as hi siste...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reborn as a Sparda
    416K 5.8K 23

    Y/n L/n is just an ordinary student of Kouh Academy. Everything change when he was killed by a Demon and left to die. . . . . Shit, I suck at making Description...... T_T

    Completed   Mature
  • RWBY: Ace of Remnant (Male Hunter Reader x RWBY Harem)
    7.3K 143 27

    A lone hunter made is way on a planet to make a secondary tower who a human version of Cayde-6. (Remake of the other crossover with Destiny) RWBY owned by RoosterTeeth and Monty Oum Destiny owned by Bungie

  • Sweet Tooth (Male 'Child' Reader x Rwby)
    258K 3.2K 28

    Y/n Goodwitch, the Son of Glynda Goodwitch and a addiction of Sweet stuff. Y/n first discover sweets in the age of two and couldn't get rid of it. Glynda always make sure that Y/n don't overboard to much or he'll get a major tummy ache. Do make sure that you don't take his sweets. (I don't own Rwby or Images in this s...

  • School Harem X Shy! Depressed! Male Reader [ REWRITTEN ]
    60.7K 615 8

    YN LN Is a shy boy. He got bullied everyday everywhere, school, park, the internet, for being shy. One day his mother told him he has to move to another country and study there. He was shocked to see what school he was enrolled to. ( I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES OR MUSIC, THEY ARE ALL RESPECTFULLY BY THEIR CREATORS ) [ T...

  • Till The World Ends (Serafall X Reader)
    61.7K 945 18

    Y/N Liones, son of Meliodas and Elizabeth, finds himself in enemy territory when his parents opt for him to go to Kuoh Academy and make friends with the devils of the area. With rumors of peace on the horizon for the Three Factions Y/N is sent to let the world know the demons are still around. What happens when Y/N me...

    Completed   Mature
  • (SLOW UPDATES) The Best of Atlas (Male Reader x Rwby Harem)
    665K 12K 69

    (Y/N) is a recon specialist in the Atlas military. When a botched mission leaves him dying in the snow he thinks his time is up. Until he wakes up in a hospital bed with a certain team of huntresses around him... ____________________________________________________________________________________I haven't watched RWBY...

  • The Dragon god (Konosuba x OP OC)
    102K 555 9

    ⚠️Rewritten Story⚠️ Daisuke Zukari was just your average 18-year-old attending high school in Japan, he played a lot of games and watched a lot of anime and one day he meets his end, courtesy of Truck-kun and finds himself sitting across a silver haired woman in the afterlife, she grants him a chance at a new life, he...

  • Konosuba x Male Reader (Powerful Male Reader)
    254K 3.5K 23

    Y/N L/N was just an ordinary boy who loves games, anime, memes and such things. You already know what is happening next. This is the story about legendary heroes. "The Supreme Warrior with 10 Powers" from a different world and his amazing party! Enjoy! I do not own Konosuba

  • Konosuba x Male Reader! (OP Male Reader x Harem) :)
    541K 6K 23

    Y/N L/N died in a Tragic death and was send into a another Fantasy World to defeat the almightly Demon King! On his path he meets new friends that follow his journey. To find out, they are'nt what he expected to be?

  • (Y/N) (L/N's) Crazy Adventures! - (Konosuba X Male Reader)
    300K 4.3K 41

    (Y/N) (L/N) is a 15 year old kid. He has a great life from his years. Until he was caught up with a disease and was now dying. He then woke up in the afterlife and met a Goddess. The Goddess offered him three choices which is... 1. Go to Heaven. 2. Reborn as a baby with no memories of his past life. 3. Get reincarnate...

  • A Nightmare On Remnant ( Male "Freddy Krueger" Reader x Rwby Harem)
    16.6K 248 9

    Remnant has it share of trouble. What happens when the leaders of this world refuse to help a man. A man who has issues. A man who just wants love. A man who just needed help. 1 2 Y/N is coming for you! 3 4 Better lock your door. 5 6 grab your crucifix. 7 8 Better stay awake! 9 10 Never sleep again.