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  • Game In A Game ||A Jeon Jungkook|| (18+)
    534 150 10

    "Jungkook and Sangmi!" "Ohhhhh...." "Your task is easy..." "Have fun..." ---- " Wanna play a game?"

    82 28 4

    BTS ONESHOT FLUFF IMAGINES One BTS member X female reader. This is just a fan fiction not meant to hurt, sexualize etc anyone. This is a fluff book, but the content is for 13 years above. As always, you are not suppose to hate anyone here, like, writing really bad things about somebody (especially celebs). I won't tol...

  • Young But Real (5 YA Short Stories)
    554 69 30

    🎶 You don't know why I would waste my time But I'm falling and I mean it I want you like I need it 🎶 *** This is a Young Adult Short Story Series. Selena, Eloise, and Archer are childhood friends, calling their group a Triology. Join them as they explore love and grow their circle. Lucky are those who know what rea...

    Completed   Mature
    63 9 2

    🧺 BTS x female reader fluff imagines [OT7]. 🧺 This is not going to be regularly updated. 🧺 Please ignore grammatical, spelling,typos (or whatever) errors. 🧺 This is just a fan fication, not meant to sexualise, hate etc to any idol. 🧺 Hating idol = blocked!! 🧺 Lastly, do comment, vote and share. Wear mask!

  • Oneshots | JJK
    235 46 2

    Mysteries unsolved. Relationships broken. The trounce of fate. The most random assortment of One-shots coupled with a wild imagination: only chaos ensues. ──────♛────── HEYYYY!!! Soo, I was super boredddd, and this book contains my random idea...

    Completed   Mature
  • BTS One Shot/Drabble Book ✔️
    3K 111 15

    In here will be different scenarios and drabbles of members. If you're interested just check ut out. :)

  • Creepypasta One Shot Book
    440 18 7

    Random one shots I write on request or when I feel like it ;)

  • Glitch and Glamour
    52 8 1

    🎶 I won't tell your secrets Your secrets are safe with me I will keep your secrets Just think of me as the pages in your diary 🎶 *** Kaya Kaluza received a news from her family that must not be shared to anyone, even to her best friend, Himani. It weighed down on her so Himani suggested that she spilled it to Locker...

  • Mine {BTS K.TH ONE SHOT}
    285 11 1

    WARNING 21+ Read at your own risk!!¡¡ "Will you be mine?" -Kim Taehyung x Reader

    Completed   Mature
  • BTS Oneshots: A Collection Of Tales
    1.2K 74 4

    °BTS oneshots° Written by a full time romantic. Just a small collection of short fictional stories filled with a heap tone of fluff, a tear- shedding amount of heartache, and a whole lot of romance. Requests: [ ] Open [ ] Full [ \ ] Closed 1st place in oneshots- THE RED MOON AWARDS❤️ Cover: @reephoria :)

  • Awake | VSOO Oneshots
    19.2K 1.3K 23

    Just some vsoo oneshots (and sometimes twoshots) based on my imagination. I would like to experiment with different ideas. Hope you like them!

    513 55 3

    Theese are Bangtan oneshots written by me.... 💜💜