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  • King Julien x Reader (EXTREMELY SLOW UPDATES)
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    This is a story about how king Julien and Y/N grow to get along after a "rough" meeting and how they slowly grow feelings for one another but the two of them are not sure how one another feels. I DO NOT OWN THE SHOW (obviously) NOR THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORY, well besides Y/N.

  • My Immortal
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    Ok so this isnt mine but the original person who made this deleted there account and im making a bloody fanfic off of this so i might as well put this on here also before reading this is called the worst fanfic of all time. i did not make this i own nothing of this

    Completed   Mature
  • Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles
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    "Do you want your little ones to read books; and they want to read the Harry Potter Books; but you do not want them to turn into witches? Well-this is the story for you! This story has all the adventure of JKR's books; but will not lead your children astray. For concerned mommies everywhere! Blessings! Grace Ann" ~ Tu...