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    Life After Getting back to your Roots A life full of greys Getting Your Love, Your Soulmate

  • Family, Love Is My Everything
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    This is the story of my previous account, I'm continuing the upcoming chapters here. If you want to see the previous chapters, I have mentioned it in my profile, in my conversation box. So plz watch it & the upcoming chapters. PERIOD!

  • Waqt ka Pahiya
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    *********** Take a look

  • Arrange Marriage Of Two Royal People
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    Sidharth Rathore King of rajasthan 27 yrs old, belongs to well known rajasthan family, royal blood, arrogant, dominant, want everything perfect. Nandini Rajput Daughter of vikram Rajput, 21 yrs old, her father is a most trusted man of former king Love children, famous cardiologist, neurologist. First prior...

  • SIDNI'S- Malhotra's TAPORI bahu👩‍🔧🤵🏻
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    #comedy #family #love.... #sidni #rekha #amitabhbacchan #rishikapoor #nitusingh #abhishekbacchan #aishwaryaraibacchan #kareenakapoor #hritikroshan #jaanhvikapoor #adityaroykapoor

  • After talent hunt
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    after talent hunt fab5 except mukti asked manik to choose between nan and fab5 . . after 5 years they meet for their brother and sister alliance . . peep in to know more

  • manan- family drama
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    Nandini a girl madly in love with manik will manik love her or not...??? let's see....

  • wt hz destiny planned fa dem
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    guyz u gotta read it fa d far as i think..u guyz might lik it...itz a sme ky2 plot.. bt wit a bit enjoy..

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    This is my imagination story based on Sidni. So pls welcome in full of mystery, secrets, love, friendship etc.

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    #family #love #childhood #lovestory #wifey #litilelove #jaana #sidni

  • SIDNI'S- DAASTAAN e ishq 2
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    #family #lovestory #sidni

  • SECOND LOVE 💔 ( Completed )
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    On the day of Nandini & Manik marriage, manik escape because he doesn't wanna marry Nandini💔, Nandini is very much in love & she is wating for him in the mandap 😩 but Manik's brother Neil marries her 💔 What will happen when Manik will return home & see Nandini as his brother's wife? Nandini will chose Neil or Manik...

  • Separated For Good [WHEN TIME PERMITS]
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    Its a continuation story of @Sonalika008 with the same title ... You may read the previous parts first at her account before continue reading it here..

  • SIDNI'S - soldiers love
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    #sidni #love #romantic #action #sidharthmalhotra #nititaylor #india #army #Patriotism #indianarmy

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    #sidni #lovestory #love #friends #wife #husband #mafia #doctor #sidmalhotra #nititaylor

  • SIDNI'S- Daastan E Ishq
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    A pure love story♥️

  • Life After Separation
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    " #1 Ranking - truelove " (7/4/2023) After talent hunt compitition Nandini was blamed by Dhruv and Alya for the separate of FAB 5. Where as the truth was they themselves responsible for there separation .Dhrulya said manik to choose between FAB 5 and Nandini

  • Hurt Beyond Limits
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    Peep in to know 😁😉😉 Guys I m writing for the first tym... So sorry in advance for the mistakes 😁

  • Can we be one
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    this story starts from talent hunt where dhruv asks manik to chose between Fab 5 or nandini let's see what will be manik's reaction tune in in the journey of love, friendship, betrayal, guilt and a lot More New cover is going to be created by @jobyshaji

    Completed   Mature
  • What Destiny's Plan?
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    Get Real life experiment. Mistake its forget once, twice or thrice but not many time. English + Hindi peep to know it

  • seperated for good
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    (after talent hunt) If you want to read something new and interesting so peep in A story which make you realize that self respect comes first and sometimes leaving someone is for their own good

  • True Soulmate❤(COMPLETED)
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    After Talent hunt..... What if nandini decides to move on?what if nandini loved manik but now hates him?what if Nandini consider manik as a stranger now?what if manik becomes obssessed wd her?what if Nandini loves someone else now?what if he and Nandini loves each other madly? Read the story to know further....

    Completed   Mature
  • Seperation helps
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    manan after talent hunt

  • one wrong decision
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    after talent hunt three years later let's see how manan life changed even though iam manan fan I want to write sidni #1in talenthunt # 5 in alia # 9 in sidni # 153 in manan

  • Wajah Tum Ho
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    And it began with that one night. One night that changed everything. One night that changed all equations. One night that broke all relations. One night that shattered all hopes. One night that opened all eyes. Because sometimes second chances aren't possible. Read to find out more. Warning: The FF contains Hindi dial...

    Completed   Mature
  • A second chance in LOVE
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    manan after talent hunt