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  • 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐲
    49.9K 4K 43

    When someone hates you just by your name but started liking that same individual in a person or it's just a part of some challenge god knows but what will happen when Wang Yibo realized his own real feeling that he's (Xiao Zhan) the one missing puzzle of his life only that person can fit in this place in his life and...

    577K 48.1K 75

    Based on CP Wang Yibo x Xiao Zhan who starring as Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian in "The Untamed", Mo Dao Zushi live action drama.

  • Farewell
    18.2K 900 5

    A tale of two souls. One at the doorstep of eternal bliss. The other a bystander. A story of a man who loved the other, stayed true till the vow of "Death do us Apart". This is his story. His love. His sacrifice. It's One Shot Story. May make it into a full length novel in the future. =============================...

  • Our Hidden Marriage
    9.2K 711 7

    Yibo and Xiao Zhan are studying in same college but they never meet. Yibo' father and Zhan's father are best friends and they wants to marry their sons. No know in their university that they both are married but one day because of a project they started working together and their university fellows ships them. they t...

  • CHIT CHAT Interview with yizhan zhanyi wangxian xianwang authors
    3.3K 380 14

    Hey yizhan zhanyi wangxian xianwang lovers Are you interested at yizhan zhanyi wangxian xianwang authors life There thoughts then you are in right place. I am bringing lots of lot interview Stay tune 💘 #15 rank in interview out of 5.78k story

  • Together With Him Just Like BOND [ wangxian ]•>↓<•[ YiZhan ]
    68.3K 5.1K 33

    "Zhan, listen. Yibo is not here anymore. He's gone." Sehun said bitterly "Sehun, this is a joke. You promise me that Yibo will be saved." Xiao Zhan replied as he smiles. But behind those i has led my PATH TO YOU IT'S ANGST... IT'S ANGST... IT'S ANGST WARNING : Abuse, Violence, Smut, Rape, Hardship, One-sided love, S...

    Completed   Mature
    12.4K 812 8

    a story about a cold CEO and a doctor.....

  • *complete* Savoury Pastry [MPREG] |Yizhan Fanfic|
    30.4K 2.3K 20

    Xiao Zhan (third year student of Baking And Pastry Arts Degree) date with Wang Yibo (second year student of Bachelor Degree In Dance Education with Honors). After Zhan graduated from university, he come back to his hometown & take over his mom's bakery (Sweet Xiao Bakery). Not long after that, his high school senior a...

  • Becoming His Highness Spouse {Mpreg}
    11.2K 932 18

    This story is about how a commoner Baili Hongyi become one of the most handsome and jade looking prince Shi Ying husband . When the emperor is in his last moment he declared that baili is the one the prince should marry. No one dare to decline his word. Will they fall in love after marriage or they will eventually d...

    35K 3.3K 20

    Since Sean Xiao Zhan accepted Wang Yibo's offer to be a wet nurse for his daughter, his life changed. Because it turns out that the man is one of Wang Kings' heirs, a billionaire whose wealth is unmatched. Problems began to appear when Sean entered Wang Kings palace. Especially with the appearance of four Wang Yibo's...

  • Yibo, Stop Playing My Heart (YIZHAN FF) ON GOING
    38K 2.6K 33

    Good Boys are Bad Boys who never get caught. -Wang Yibo

  • Tom and Jerry
    12.1K 608 12

    It's story of YiZhan who were students of computer science but they were rival and hate each other. Always quarreling and taunting like Tom and Jerry as their nick name. So their parent set him up in arrange marriage for the sake of their company. It's a rom-com story (with little fluff 😜). It's my first fan fiction...

  • Doctor is My hubby«English Version»(Completed)
    4.6K 195 10

    This is just my short fantasy .

  • I Will Make You Mine Zhan [Yizhan Ff]
    13.2K 775 18

    zhan get out of my room :- yibo said in cold voice bu....t but why:- zhan said because this is my room :-yibo said yibo gege're... shou...ting on me :- zhan said with crack voice because i fucking hated you :-yibo said b..ut but you said you love me. :- zhan said with teary eyes fuck of I did what my s...

    12.2K 928 20

    Zhan is a very cute boy . Both girls and boys admires his beauty and cuteness.He is known as Mr. Cute . But then he meet Mr. Rude( yibo) Yibo is very rude and cold but for Zhan his behaviour is totally different. On other hand our cute and innocent Zhan is so caring , loving and naive boy. They fell in love with each...

  • Guardians of An Angel (YiZhan version) Completed.
    14.3K 1.3K 53

    They were possessive,He was short tempered but one thing tied them together was everlasting Bond which would hold them together no matter what. Let's embark the story of Love ,Trust and Possessiveness which goes through ups and downs of Life but at the End remains strong. Mature Content 18+ Started::22/02/2022. Ended:...

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember me...
    65.9K 6.2K 43

    What do you do when your past comes knocking on your door with nothing but a promise of heartbreak? Do you run away? Do you open those closed doors and face it? Xiao Zhan didn't know the answer to these questions. He had almost succeeded in gathering the broken pieces of his heart once but like a storm he returned and...

  • Always you...
    54.2K 4.9K 52

    Ruthless. Cold-hearted. Crazy. These were just some of the words associated with the Alpha of the Lan Pack. Wang Yibo had never cared what means he had to take to get what he wanted. He had never called himself a saint because Yibo knew what he was. A beast. But then, Yibo met him. His little firecracker. Xiao Zhan bu...

  • Seed of Love - YiZhan
    19.9K 1.3K 15

    Looking at the painting in front of me - I couldn't feel any happier. My heart was fluttering with little smiles. A hobby since small, my world transcended into another realm when my paint brush starts working in my hands. It's an escape of emotion that I can't express in real live, much like my sketch books that I...

  • Little Days
    3K 288 5

    Yizhan school diary..

  • My Cold husband /fanfic/Yizhan
    322K 16.6K 45

    "You are mine" Wang Yibo stated "Yes I"Zhan stuttered. Wang Yibo is a multi billionaire who has all the world can give except for one thing love. Now he wants someone to hold and keep. Xiao zhan is an artist who has looks and a killer smile. But he is fragile and has always wanted someone to hold...

  • Paradise | YIZHAN
    23.6K 1.4K 11

    Xiao Zhan works as a heart surgeon at Wang Medical Hospital. Being the face of the hospital and the most successful surgeon, Xiao Zhan shouldn't have any problem in his life. Except he did. That problem being the new CEO of Wang Corporation as a whole. Wang Yibo. Who apparently, has decided to make his life living hel...

  • OBSES (YiZhan)
    15.6K 878 25

    I'm Xiao Zhan the doctor of Ling Hospital, but someday it's turn out no good that I have to work at Wang Bar, "Sr.. Are you okay? the bar is already close.." "I'm.. so. .sorry.." If I could turn back time I would avoid him... but now, "You can't escape, my little bunny." His eyes look at me with a gaze like a monster...

  • Taste Your Own Medicine
    93.5K 4.3K 30

    Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are good friends but their friendship ruined when their parents forced them to get married for business benefits. Although Zhan was willing to marry Yibo cause he fall in love with him but Yibo never saw Zhan more than a friend. So, after marriage Yibo started to humiliate and torture Zhan ment...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling...Fallen ||Yizhan||
    2.6K 314 11

    "I love you zhan ge" "Mmm...l-l know that bodi, gege also loves you a lot" "you don't understand, do you? I'm saying I love you, not as a brother, not as a friend, l have fallen in love with you zhan ge" Yibo⬆ Zhan⬇ this is a yizhan fanfiction which means boyxboy, it also has taekook as 2nd lead couple. so if you are...

  • i won't ever love you in this life! (Completed)
    63K 3.8K 29

    This is the story of two guys whose marriage is arranged for their parents business. One has a girlfriend and another falls deeply. will this love ever be sucess? will it work or it will ruin the three lives. let's see.

  • I Don't Love You
    21.4K 1.7K 35

    book 2 of please don't love me I don't like sad ending so I thought of making book 2 I hope you like it. What happens when xiao Zhan falls in love with lan yibo his new friend. What will happen will they have there happy ever after???

    9.5K 667 8

    _______________________________ Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo was lover from the very small. They both love each other that much that they were not able to sleep without each other. But due to some reasons Zhan decided to leave Yibo and live far from Yibo. But unknown to him, Yibo who was so much in lo...

  • My wife's deal (Yizhan, Zhanyi)
    69.3K 4.2K 42

    Xiao Zhan is a filial son. He is very cheerful and generous, but he wants to build a record to be having 50 girlfriends in one year. Can he make his record? Whereas Wang yibo is Billionier who only knows the business. He is well dominant and strict boss. They are like black and white about to change their color vision...

  • He's Mine🖤
    5.9K 469 9

    The cries and pleading of people could be heard in a small but portable house. "Mom, please don't go " zhan cried as he knelt down beside her younger sister begging their mother endlessly. Their stood at the entrance of the house as she held her waist with one of her hand, while the other clutched on her luggage tigh...