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  • Charlie and Dia
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    Introverted Charlie never expected to gain the attention of Dia, the chatterbox on the train, and he certainly wasn't expecting to fall in love. *** A few words can describe Charlie Jackson. He enjoys the simplicity of a coffee far more than the average person, and devotes too much time to his work - commuting include...

  • The Rhymers
    3.5K 1.8K 25

    Two major controversies sparked up things in a set and set the entire school ablaze with wildly spread rumours, exposed family secrets and thirst for vengeance. Rhyme with me.. The rhymers, a circle of friends, brohoods, celebrities even greatly adored by their setmates in HHS are in the middle of this bloodthirsty br...

  • Wheel Of The People / BMWW
    744 250 28

    The East African community finally agrees to join hands to become one as a nation. Presidents already served two terms and above in their respective states are denied participation in the Union's pre-presidential election. As the Union prepares for its pre-presidential elections, President Salim Savimbi of Uganda thre...

  • Mystery Of the Olko beads. Wattys2022✔
    2.2K 707 72

    One thousand years ago in the shadowlands of E'sia, the Yakunko tribesmen came into the possession of a powerful rock known as the I'nka seed, this rock granted them an extraordinary gift known as the Kurota. With this gift, Yakunko warriors seized the throne men from its rightful Tonyam rulers and thereafter, cruell...

  • Love In Peacekeeping | bwwm
    11.1K 1K 29

    Life as a peacekeeper is never easy. But for Rachel, things have just gotten way more difficult. All she wanted was to survive her deployment term while saving lives as a military nurse. But now, she has to deal with Martin, a doctor who is intent on driving her up the wall. Things get worse when he makes a decision...

  • The Soulmate Paradox ✔
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    🏆Wattys 2021 Shortlister 🏆Wattys 2021 || Best Cover Shortlist 🏆Featured on Wattpad || Fresh Reads 🏆Featured on Wattpad || Stories of Trailblazing Asian Characters 🏆Featured on Wattpad || #WrittenWithPride 🏆Featured on WattpadExplorer || Written With Pride 🏆Featured on WattpadExplorer || Community Curators 🏆Fea...

  • Makayla
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    Makayla goes through the first three years of her high school phase without letting anyone come close to her or see how she looks like. She is avoided and given weird names for being mysterious but two students who are determined to see how she looks like and want to be her friend are Myles Leroy and Bianca Coleman...

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    Your skin is so soft, he said trailing his fingers over my bare skin. Your lips are so full and soft, he said trailing his fingers over my lips.... My cover was made by @nerdy-berry and @fdhggnmhg