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  • The Billionaire's Rebellious Bride
    971K 92.1K 33

    Elena will do anything to save her terminally ill mother from dying. She has no choice but to plead for help from her wealthy ruthless grandfather, who brutally disowned her mother for marrying a poor man. Her grandfather agreed to help. In one cruel condition - she has to marry the powerful Greek tycoon, Adonis Stavr...

  • Gentle Predator
    3.4M 96.6K 27

    -- part one-- The Warrior's Daughter and The Alpha's son; When Illyria is orphaned at the tender age of four she finds herself in an unlikely friendship with a boy seven years her senior. Tristyn is the next Alpha and Illyria his fierce little friend. What happens when it comes time for the two best friends to find...

  • My Orphan Mate ✓
    1.2M 36.4K 36

    MATE TRILOGY #1 | Being an orphan at the mere age of sixteen, Lyra Dane, with no place in the pack is faced with an ultimatum; to go Rogue or marry Alpha Gabriel. Although, not mated by destiny, Gabriel is determined to make Lyra his. Meanwhile, Alpha Alexander, leader of the largest pack, believes his existence is s...

  • Hiding from My Mate
    1.9M 58.7K 41

    Meet Shay Rivers. A girl who lost her mother and only has a loving father so he means the world to her. Her father decided for her to go to boarding school because the memories of her mother were still fresh in her mind. She didn't want to meet her mate because she didn't want to lose someone she loves but she did eve...

  • His New Light
    40.1K 745 15

    Jude's life changes when she comes home one day from school getting dragged out of her room. Seeing random guys trying to kill her parents. Her stepdad selling her to keep them alive because he forgot to pay up. But it doesn't mean there the only one's he forgot to pay. Jude Bennett is a 18 year old girl who lost her...

  • Tied Between Two Worlds ✔️
    444K 15.8K 62

    "You're attracted to me Royalty, face it for fuck sakes," he said while taking another step closer toward me. "I'm not attracted to men Enzo especially not you, my enemy," I stated and he started shaking his head with a bitter laugh. "Oh really?" he asked "Yes. I'm into women and I have a girlfriend" I said "You w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Enemy's Ex-Wife (Completed)
    1.1M 29.3K 43

    A Mafia Story ••••••• Leila Romano is Giovanni Russo's wife, until she runs away from home after secretly getting divorced from him. She had been abused for some years and has had enough. She decided to go to the González's in New York for help, and there, she meets...

  • Coffee Shop
    517K 28.3K 35

    When Kay leaves home to discover herself and meets Brian, the handsome scarred owner of a coffee shop that shares her name, she must decide if she has enough heart for more than just herself. *** Kay Ruiz leaves home to prove that she can live on her own, that she's an...

    Completed   Mature
  • the gang leader
    154K 1.9K 22

    a cold hearted gang leader? will he soften up for a simple girl or will he keep her for his own pleasure? (Please take notice if you are sensitive to rape and abuse please I beg of you don't read this. I'm putting this warning so I don't get attacked for it later on. That is why this book is listed under "mature conte...

  • Kane
    3.6K 168 18

    Kane's dark past threatens to rip everything he loves away from him when a loved one is murdered and an old foe who he thought was long dead is now alive and will stop at nothing to get revenge for the past. Final book of The Alpha Series

    Completed   Mature
    1.1M 40.4K 43

    {BOOK2} XXXX MATURE CONTENT AND LANGUAGE XXXX RATE R XXX 18+ He was a monster. She was an angel. He was cruel and unforgiving. She was gentle and compassionate He gets want he wants. She gave him hell. He wasn't human. But she was. Ever since the day he switched off his humanity he became an evil monster. One that e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Queen [1] ✓
    6.1M 218K 28

    "Who was your first kiss?" Ares asked very seriously and my face started reddening. "I. . . I haven't been kissed. Yet." I stuttered and looked away, not having the courage to meet his eyes and admit this. "Why not?" Why was he asking me this? "You obviously know why. I'm average, I'm just a normal girl." I was interr...

  • The Alpha's Dungeon
    1.2M 51K 90

    "Would you rather have me call you a slut or a princess?" - Xalorad "A whore in his dungeon and a saint pup in the public." Marissa Mcpherson didn't know what she was putting herself into when she signed up for a session at her Alpha's dungeon. A little play of chains and whips was her expectations but after the pass...

  • Mi Reina
    7.5M 286K 66

    Xia Knight is a charismatic bakery-owner. She is an optimist who believes in the healing power of a smile. But never test her waters; if you do, you better hope that you know how to swim. Ricardo Ramirez is a name that can make anyone tremble in fear, being the name of the mysterious, cold-hearted Don of the Mexican m...

  • The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract [SAMPLE ONLY / FREE ON TAPAS!]
    10.9M 184K 34

    [TEASERS] Doomed from the start... Nikos Demakis and Cassia Andrade were married under a billion-dollar company merger contract. Nikos isn't ready to give up his playboy lifestyle, and Cassia is far from the glittering socialite that their elite circle expects. Events force them to live separate lives. Ten years later...

  • The Forced Bride Of Rodriguez (COMPLETED)
    10.8M 367K 39

    #1 in romance genre (1stJan - 8th Jan.) ( Again placed #1 in romance in Feb) Aaron got up from his seat and walked round the table towards her while she was still sitting as if glued to that seat. He bent towards her, his one hand on the table and with the other he held her chin so that their eyes were at level.. "Li...

  • Il Mio Gattino
    9.8M 269K 57

    Nicole Jackson is a 24 year old waitress at The Star Cafè. She ran away from her abusive parents from California to New York in search for a better life. She hopes to find peace and happiness in the new city. Dante Moretti is a 27 Mafia king. He is known for killing anything or anyone who even thinks of looking his wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Human Mate | English Version | Completed
    3.6M 94.1K 30

    "What's your name, Beautiful?" I asked her while I traced my hand down her cheek. "N-Nova." She stammered while staring at her shoes in fear. "Mine!" my wolf growled and pulled her against our body. Her cheeks turned red and I felt tingled spread in my body. Startled, she looked up. Her eyes projected some kind...

  • The Prince's Soulmate | ✔
    5.4M 206K 152

    *Book 1 in the Soulmates Series* 》Featured on Wattpad's @TeenFiction Soul Deep Reading List 》Featured on Wattpad's @WattpadRoyals Fantastical Kingdoms and Beasts Reading List 》Featured on Wattpad's @YA Stardust Reading List 》Featured on Wattpad's @YARomance Love-hate Relationships Reading List When Elizabeth finally...

  • The Exiled Alpha | ✓
    15.4M 499K 37

    "It's like he's a different breed of werewolf. Something... beyond us." • • • Adrienne Gage has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her mouthy attitude, and being loyal to a pack which doesn't deserve her loyalty. It's been a year since her last punishment, and she's been walking on eggshells to keep...

  • Madam Mafia
    12.9M 337K 88

    Rose Amor is the school nerd. She wears big black glasses and keeps her long black hair in a ponytail. She stays out of drama and keeps to herself. She knows that's the only way to hide from her past, so she's happy like that. No risks = no trouble. Ryder Brown is the school's new student, soon to be the schools, bad...

  • The Demon's Little Wolf
    3.1M 115K 61

    ~NOT EDITED~ A princess. The first thing that come to your mind when you think of a princess is someone with the perfect life and a loving family. But, there are always exceptions. An example being Analise Royal, the youngest daughter of the king and queen of werewolves. From being blamed for something that she...

  • Engaged to the Heartless Heartbreaker ✔
    47.8M 1.4M 67

    Highest Rank: #1 in Romance, #1 - painting, #1 - heartbreaker, #1 - one-sidedlove, #1 - unrequitedlove, #1 - engagement *********************** Still not satisfied with our physical contact, he leaned his face down to meet mine as his fingers gripped my chin. "Fiancée?" he asked, whispering the word. I nodded as the t...

  • Destined For the King
    4.7M 135K 71

    "Time is up, I AM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" His voiced shattered throughout the entire tower. He has found me and claiming what is his; me. "Sire please, she not even 21 yet. Please let her stay for the year!" My father pleaded for my life but it was no use. I belong to him. Silence crept through the house before loud b...

  • STOLEN || 18+ (Monsters #3)
    3.9M 132K 103

    They Are The Monsters. They Are The Princes. . . . Leyla Campbell, daughter of a corrupted politician, never expected her father to give her to them - two of the deadliest men in the world, for the sake of his reputation. They don't seem safe. They look like they'd rip her apart. She never expected that she might...

    Completed   Mature
  • Their doll 2
    186K 11.3K 21

    They're back. After months of her disappearance, their world had spun. Swung off balance and staggered. Aurora had left the hearts of the three ruthless and most empowered men bruised and shattered when she turned and ran from them without another word. Rafael, Zayn and Cruz were left to wonder. But soon, their silent...

  • The Scarred Beast
    9.1M 231K 42

    It was rumored that a beast lived in the shadows, he was known as the sex beast long before a battle went down and after that, he was known as the scarred beast who preyed on females in heat. No female had ever survived his wrath, or bore his mark. Except for one. Lilliana never thought what she would come across on...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dralan [On Hold]
    4M 153K 56

    In a world where vampires feed from other vampires and males dominate females... there is but one precious thing left in their world which every vampire craves... A Mihr. Dohmenic is the Dralan - the King - of all vampires, and survives purely on clean blood; The blood of a Mihr, a virgin. Without a Dralaq, a Queen...

  • The Consort
    7.9M 323K 56

    It took the Beasts mere weeks to overthrow the human government and eliminate most of the population. Those who survived were put into slavery, forced to spend their lives serving the royal families and wealthier Beasts. Adeline has been a servant for the royals for as long as she can remember. It's hard work, but she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Manservant
    318K 8.6K 20

    Wealthy, sheltered Alicia has never had a servant like Theo before. He is sexy, passionate, rebellious ... and definitely off limits. The next thing she knows, he becomes her dirty little secret, but could it possibly become something more?

    Completed   Mature