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  • The True Elites
    564K 23.7K 49

    Seven once-in-a-generation talents all apply to ANHS in the same year - rather than placing them all in Class A and having an extremely one-sided year of students, the school decides to assign these students to their own experimental class: Class-E. Despite their disadvantage in number and lack of resources like Priva...

  • Chaoskouji
    649K 24.2K 83

    After realising how dull the rest of his classmates are, and how they could mess up his life, Ayanokouji decides to have some fun in high school instead, giving up on his peaceful life. Going all out and causing as much chaos as possible, what will happen to everyone in ANHS and is there anyone who can match a god? En...

  • The Unordinary Ordinary [COTE X MHA X BSD X K]
    389K 21.8K 59

    In the Advanced Nurturing High School, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji accidentally fell down the empty stairs and appeared in another world, without the obstruction of other people, Ayanokoji instantly decided to live an ordinary life. In a world with quirks, the dream of his fellow quirkless companion is to be admitted to UA? ...

  • Classroom of the Elite: Checkmate
    304K 12.1K 38

    Ever since Ayanokouji Kiyotaka had been a child, he played a lot of chess. From grandmasters to engines, he beat them all time and time again. There was no person or program in the White Room or anywhere else that could hold a candle to him. Then someday, when he once again beat every single opponent that was assigned...

  • White Room Masterpiece : The Reaction
    287K 6.6K 10

    The entire 2nd year were informed to go to the gymnasium for an important announcement, but when they arrived, they met a figure, and with a snap, isolated the group from the entire world, and into a separate reality. In this new room, infront there is a giant wall and at the back, a massive projector. Confused and sc...

  • COTE one-shots
    473K 10.6K 92

    This happened just because there's so many random stories on my head driving me crazy so I decided to write it. I hope you enjoy. I do not own any of You-zitsu characters this is only a fanfic all rights belong to Shogo Kinugusa

  • The Darkness he Carries
    192K 3.9K 11

    A reaction fanfic where the 2nd year student body will react to the White room, specifically the 4th generation. However, it will be a little less cliché( no god or deity showing the videos) and will focus on Kiyotaka's mentality as he grows older in the white room. Before you read: 1. There will be no OC in the white...

  • COTE One Shots
    342K 4.2K 19

    Some One Shots by yours truly Adisial. These may range from true one-shots to timelines that are based on a specific thing. For example the NTR timeline or the Class B timeline. I will basically rewrite something from the original or make something up on my own. Be warned, there will be r18 content, Netori is the main...

  • Ayanokouji: Free Life
    193K 9.4K 75

    How will an emotionless killing machine change the world of MHA? Read to find out.

  • Seen Through the Eyes of Goodwill
    238K 11.9K 85

    A fiction story from the LN series, Classroom of the Elite. Ichinose Honami originally from Class B was allotted in Class D when the school began. In a so called class full of defects Ichinose faces different challenges which the school offers to nurture her as a human.

  • Classroom Of The Elite | Who said the quote?
    478K 9.1K 23

    Characters from Classroom of the Elite engage in a game of who said what.

  • React!: Classroom of the Elite
    161K 3.6K 22

    Sorry but this reaction fanfic is now in indefinite hiatus :) A new transfer student have arrived at the prestigious school of Advanced Nurturing High School, however this student is no ordinary student. With this, Class D is now faced with one request, they have to watch their own anime show! Secrets, personalities a...

  • Cote: What If's [ONGOING]
    770K 18.5K 151

    Classroom Of The Elite with a twist. Basically every what if you readers would like to read, and with a reaction of the cast following that. For example: What if Kiyo and Kei never hid their relationship, so on and so forth You can add your request whenever in the comment and if it's interesting I'll follow through. T...

  • Classroom of the Elite: Unexpected Tool
    44.8K 2.1K 25

    Soooooooooo after reading so many COTE fanfics, I got inspired to create my first one so I am very sorry if it's bad it's my first time. Anyway! This takes place at Volume 4 btw As Kiyotaka Ayanokouji prepare for his plan to make Karuizawa his pawn, he was left with an unexpected turn of events. A twist that made him...