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  • The Bet
    523 21 1

    Hiccup invites his girlfriend, Astrid, over his house one night, to hang out. Their hangout goes rather smoothly, until Astrid makes a bet while they were playing a video game. One thing leads to another and things get heated between the young couple. Pairing :- Hiccstrid (Hiccup x Astrid)

    Completed   Mature
  • Night of Passion
    537 9 1

    Hayden 'Hiccup' Haddock is a multimillionaire and the present CEO of Haddock industries. The hardworking young man has been overworking himself way too much these days. But his wife, Astrid Hofferson Haddock, has her ways to make her husband relax.

  • Best friends to lovers
    560 15 1

    Walking into the party, Astrid Hofferson had expected many things, but seeing her boyfriend cheating on her was none of them. And afterwards of her break up, she finds comfort in the arms of her childhood best friend, Hiccup Haddock.

  • A Royal Reunion 💙👑 (cookie run AU) (DISCONTINUED)
    922 11 8

    (THIS STORY HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED, PRETEND THAT THE STORY ENDS AT CHAPTER 7) Hii! so this is basically a story where Tiger lily cookie is reunited with her family! I think this story will be quite short but oh well. hope you enjoy! (Notice: Chapter 1 has been extracted form the cookie run bonds)

  • Voltron: What Was Once Forgotten (Klance and Shidge AU)
    53K 2.2K 29

    (Currently on hold but I do plan on finishing this) Basically an alternate universe where klance and Shidge happen, also lance, pidge and hunk are altean and shiro and keith are galra, please don't judge me ;-; this is also an AU so if it's not accurate to voltron just remember it's an AU. one last thing pidge is age...

  • The Miraculous Goddess(Discontinued)
    11.2K 221 4

    Marinette is the Goddess that protects the miraculous, it is her duty to see that all the Miraculous's are safe and to create legendary heroes. For some time she has been hiding in a mortal form, waiting for the perfect moment to save her children, Nooroo and Dussu. But when Chloe becomes Miracle Queen and she hears t...

  • Tidings of Comfort and Joy
    23.6K 645 7

    Modern AU. Christmas approaches and Astrid Hofferson, perennial grump, finds herself helping a homeless man and getting more than she bargained for. Hiccstrid. Disclaimer: I don't own How to Train Your Dragon. Rights remain with Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks. Acknowledgement: This is inspired by RedLegoManiac's 'Hom...

  • Viendo HTTYD (CEATD) con un cambio
    73.4K 2.2K 12

    He convocado a los personajes de CEATD a ver y reaccionar ante su propia película pero con un cambio.

  • You Have to Choose... (Hiccstrid) (On hold)
    1.4K 78 8

    (Apologies for the cover being cut off) Astrid is a professional surfer. Hiccup is a merman. How will they cope when their opposite worlds collide? I know it's not the best description but please give it a chance and, if you want to, warn me of any at all typos....?

    133K 2.6K 28

    Hiccup Haddock, not the pride of the village as everyone believes, has his final Dragon Training trial tomorrow. What will happen if he goes missing? He is doing something treasonous, after all, he is befriending a night fury. His decision to leave costs Berk it's heir, it's direct protection from Hiccup, and allies i...

  • Marinette Mayday
    22K 394 18

    What happens when Paris' most powerful superhero and Hell's most popular succubus team up to take down a certain Italian liar? Two things can happen. A dream (for Adrian) or a nightmare (for Lila). Cover by Lashesgem.

  • I left (HTTYD runaway fanfiction)
    7.3K 122 9

    Hiccup wanted to run. He would never fit in a society that kills dragons, when he managed to train one. Now, 5 years later a man that went by the alias Dragon Master shows up at Berk. On the back of the very dragon that had killed Stoick's son so many years ago. How will Berk handle this when he asks for help? 🚨THIS...

  • Savior (discontinued)
    370 13 10

    What happens when a certain Galra .. helps a certain girl .. escape a Galra cruiser? Well .. why don't you quit being lazy, and find out! Sorry, sorry that was rude- Warning, I wrote this when I was younger so the writing isn't the best, I will be continuing this, but the first 6 chapters or so are not the best. Oh, I...

  • La maldición del dragón.
    12K 928 31

    Esta es una nueva historia hecha en colaboración con varios usuarios. Hipo y Chimuelo se fueron de Berk junto con Astrid. Antes de que Hipo enfrentara al dragón, algo raro sucedió. Ambos perdieron el control de sus cuerpo y fueron controlados para irse a algún lugar desconocido. Tiempo después, Berk y quizás todo el...

  • HTTYD: The Infernal Tribe-ON HOLD
    2K 69 24

    When Hiccup was ten. He watched his mother get taken by an Inferno King. When he was 13. He allowed himself to be taken by an Inferno King. When Astrid turns 18. The dragon raids begin get worse. And to top it off, rumours of a Viking who has befriended dragons known as Dragon Lord reach Berk. But with tese rumors, ma...

  • el jefe dragón
    100K 4.2K 22

    Hipo de pues de escapar de berk se convierte en jefe de una nueva tribu

  • Dragon Man, Gods Sunset
    10K 463 14

    Continuación de Dragon Man, Fire Heart

  • Dragon Man, Fire Heart
    30.2K 1.3K 27

    Continuación de Dragon Man

  • Dragon Man
    43.4K 2.2K 17

    Un Jinete enmascarado, dos valkirias y una testaruda tribu de ascecinos de dragones Que pasara?

  • HTTYD AU fanfiction: The Legend Of Dragons Riders
    1K 51 8

    Raised by dragons AU Em um ataque em berk uma fúria da noite fêmea e seus outros dragões destroem 7 casas de uma vez lá dentro tinham 7 bebês indefesos,a fêmea então sequestra juntamente com seus capangas 6 desses bebês pois o sétimo acabou morrendo, a partir desse desastre as crianças aprendem a viver entre dragões...

  • Hard Worker - YB x fem reader
    198K 5.7K 63

    You are a hard worker at a fancy and popular restaurant. You work as top chef and keep everyone in line and making sure everyone is doing something. You also help out in the kitchen instead of lazying around and doing nothing. But this time- you know you had a Stalker- and this time you didn't mind at all. You wanted...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mk's & Nod's epic 2
    1.9K 28 1

    Mk makes her way to the pod and she's queen! How could this be! See how her and Nod grow as a couple while Mk learns about Moonhaven and how to rule. Life is perfect until the boggons attack and there stronger then ever. Will Mk and Nod still have each other or will the pressure of war tear them apart?

  • Snow White & The Fearless Seven's curse
    89 1 4

    The plot is written in the story.

  • The Dragon Master and The Dragon Mistress
    8.8K 117 18

    Two teenagers are exiled from their tribe after committing an act that is considered taboo in their tribe. But when said tribe comes to request their aid, will they mend old wounds and earn their forgiveness or will the resentment remain. I do not own How to Train Your Dragon and all rights go to their original owners.

  • Voltron: Altean Lance
    23.6K 641 20

    Lance McClain is a normal teenager from Cuba, or so he thinks. After going into space, he finds out that that he is half Altean. How long can he keep this secret? Will he tell his team mates? Will the Galra find out? This is my first story, please don't judge. I own almost nothing in this. No shipping - No Klance A li...

  • Papa Bruno and if mirabel got a gift
    2.9K 25 8

    Bruno was the father of two kids, Mirabel and Camilo Madrigal. He loved his kids more than others. In reality though, any sensible person would care for there children more than others, even if it's there nieces and nephews. At Mirabels ceremony something unexpected happened. (You know when she didn't get a gift?) Mir...

  • Freddy and the Glamrocks (FNAF Security Breach AU)
    2.1K 105 37

    Frederic Fazeli, after a long night performing at the local bar, returns to his van with the Glamrocks. They drive back to their motel for the night and Freddy stays behind in the van while the others head in to rest. While cleaning up the back of the van, Freddy finds something. Or rather, someone... Join a youn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Epic .... what if things were diffrent?
    2.7K 90 5

    MK (also known as Mary Katherine) was shrinked down by Queen Tiara but instead of protecting the pod till it blooms, she was chossen as the heir. Now she most dealing with the boggans after her, the Leafmen and their captian, Ronin being possessive of her and trying to make sure she has no way home! Also it seems 'lea...