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  • blade of justice ( male swordsman x off brand,anime and crossover harem)
    51K 493 8

    in the world we're humans lived at day and monsters at night, lust was everywhere and Ready to Let it out, but what if someone Actually prevent the girls to be rape from anyone? a boy name Y/n who Is the son of a legendary swordsman who cut down anyone by the legendary blade Yamato, a transfer student now Is among of...

  • A New Start-SWR AU
    6.8K 224 7

    Hera and Kanan Jarrus were living a peaceful life in Los Angeles. Hera was a limousine driver for the stars, and Kanan taught stunts for movies. They live happily with their cat, Chopper. A young teenager loses his parents in a devastating car accident, leading to him being alone at only age 7. Years later, at 14, Ezr...

  • Needed Trip (sequel to rough battles)
    4.3K 37 13

    Ezra and Sabine have fought side by side for majority of the civil war, now it's over the mando and the guardian finally get some necessary time. What fun will they have. Post Jakku, no worries of first order 🤮🤮 or imperial remnant. But crime runs strong through the galaxy how will the couple fair. I don't own Star...

  • Faded innocence
    84.8K 2.3K 16

    They had expected to find a frail, broken boy. What they found was the opposite...Harry James Potter framed for the death of His last living relatives, enters Azkaban prison feeling betrayed by his so-called second family and best friends. What happens when they find out that he was innocent all along. What lengths ar...

  • Please, Notice Me.
    530K 15.7K 21

    On the night when Voldemort attacked Potter manor, Lilly and James Potter had left it and their twin one year olds with squib Arabella Figg. Killling Ms.Figg, and like always, Voldemort tries to kill the Potter twins starting with little Harry. Dumbledore announces that the older twin, James Charles, was the defeater...

  • Please, Notice Me: Look At Me.
    78.8K 3.2K 10

    This is the second book to Please, Notice Me. This picks up and follows Harry in his third year (I don't like the second year.) Follow as Harry deals with his school life, the new defense against the dark Arts teachers; Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Then dealing with Peter Pettigrew's escape.

  • Harry Potter The seer
    13.5K 529 9

    What if Harry could see someone's past, and then their future? Harry is exploited by his family and then gets accepted to Hogwarts. Join Harry as he 'Nopes The fück out' of situations with Voldemort *Or Harry can see the future and tries to avoid trouble

  • They Left Me to Burn: So I became a Shadow Phoenix(Harry Potter Story)
    39.7K 1.1K 7

    I DONT OWN:HARRY POTTER, SONGS/PICS USED No one knew until it was too late. Let me tell you where it began. It begins when Hadrian Albus Potter is declared the Boy-Who-Lived and Harry James Potter the Boy-Who-Died for he saved the Dark Lord from death. But Harry did both. That day marked the life of abuse and neglect...

  • A Bloody Fate
    74.9K 2.7K 13

    Harry Potter was supposed to live with the Dursley's and grow up ignorant of the Magical World until the time was right. However, it seems Fate has other ideas. He is born with Dracula's soul and the Three Brides of Dracula take him to live in his castle. From there, Hadrian Dracula Tepes has risen and the Wizarding W...

  • Ezra's Depression
    50.3K 1.2K 27

    Ezra has kept a secret from the crew. He is has been suffering from depression. He has a note book and there he writes all his feelings. What happens when Kanan finds that notebook? Or when Ezra decides to commit suicide? Is Kanan going to be on time to save him? Or Ezra's story will come to an end? Read to find out.

  • A Creature's Justice
    309K 10.1K 18

    ×I'm going to be completely honest-This is on an indefinite hiatus. It is unlikely that I'll finish this. You have my apologies. It will most likely be taken down within the next few months. I do appreciate the readers and commenters, I'm just not able to focus enough to write and I'm not able to worry about updating...

  • The Slytherin King //Adopted From Kyrofrost
    137K 4.2K 16

    Hadrian Rene Potter, the older brother of The-boy-who-lived. Forgotten the moment his brother was hailed as the savior of the wizarding world. Cast aside and keeping to himself in the west wing of the Potter Manor, he went through 6 out of his 7 years at hogwarts without his family even knowing. This year, in his Seve...