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  • Fallen So Deep (Sidnaaz)
    144K 10.5K 47

    #Sidnaaz - 1st Rank Sana and Sid are two poles apart. If she is as pure as water, he is as feisty as fire. If she is as innocent as a baby, he is as smoky as chicken. She is a fragile doll. He is a lusty playboy. They were arranged by destiny to be The One. The saying "The opposite attracts" turned out to be true on...

    Completed   Mature
  • The UnWanted Passenger #YourStoryIndia
    215K 11K 34

    Mahaya Roy is an independent lady of twenty-four, working as a lawyer in a successful firm in Mumbai. One night, after partying hard, celebrating a huge victory, she enters her car to go home and sleep peacefully. Imagine her surprise when she finds a man passed out in the backseat of her car. Well, let's just say t...

  • Inseparable Souls ✅
    442K 30.4K 45

    Inseparable are those who share their souls together. Sidharth who was living his life in darkness. He was rude, aggressive, arrogant, short tempered from outside but from inside he was utterly broken. Then a girl full of life, Sana walked into his life. She discovered the sorrow he had been trying to conceal under hi...

    Completed   Mature
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  • meri dhadkan (Completed)
    142K 8.2K 118

    this is our most favorite couple shivika's ff. this is after separation track. where anika is shown as rich business woman who got her family back what if Shivaay comes to know the truth about anika's sacrifice for him and realise that his anika is his dhadkan. peep into the story to know about their reunion in Syd...

  • Vivah-A Journey From Engagement To Marriage MaNan FF (Completed)
    1.9M 123K 77

    DARE TO COPY IT.... AND SEE WHAT I DO... BEAWARE...!! Copyright © 2015 MaNanlicious_Angel STORY IS PRIVATE AFTER ~CHAPTER 6~ Follow me to Read...!!! The Story Of Two Unknown People, Who Met With Each Other Because Of Their Family.... And And And... Read What Happened..... The Most Beautiful Journey In Everyone's Lif...

  • One day, I will(under Editing)
    316K 13.8K 51

    TO LOVE AND TO BE LOVED It is easy to fall in love but only in the rarest occasion you can meet a partner who feels the same way about you. This story revolves around a girl who fell in love with her soon to be husband at first sight but a little later she gets to know that he has a past which is stopping him from f...

  • Twisting Roses
    3.6M 128K 48

    When strangers from completely different backgrounds get married... -- Shifting as the cool breeze toyed with my senses, I sighed at my husband standing so far away, leaning against the yacht's railing and drowning out the world behind him. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to introduce me as his wife and have...

  • Wedlock
    392K 28.6K 65

    A marriage is beautiful bond shared by two people. It is journey where two people come together, hold hands and walk on the whole new path of life. It's a joint effort of two people. It's partnership. A marriage cannot sustain only on one partner. It needs both. A husband and wife. A marriage is incomplete without...

  • Graduated With Love
    89.8K 4.3K 22

    When Shrinidhi entered JSS college, her dream was to graduate with certificates and medals. But who knew she would end up finding someone who could be her partner in love life graduation? She thought he would teach subjects like every other lecturer... But he changed her whole life... Explore the story of Shrinidh...

  • Doom Or Destiny
    18.5K 927 42

    All of us have probably heard the words "Where there is love, there's life" But have you ever thought how much love is enough to make it last for ever...? Falling in love was their choice but what followed wasn't. Join in the journey of a couple who once had dream of forever and lost it on their way to reach it. Ant...

  • Love happens....( Ongoing)D. O. L II
    86.2K 6.7K 69

    #slow update It is not completely a stand alone book. Few incidents are related to book 1, destiny of love- true love wins. Love is not simply a four letters word but a magical word which we can't escape from it's spell at least once in our lives. We don't know when love happens..... For someone it gives good memorie...

  • His Girl
    334K 14.4K 42

    After a terrible car crash leave Olive to take care of her little sister Luna. She sacrificed her life and happiness for her little sister. What happens when Olive meets the billionaire covered in tattoos. He offers her a job just to keep her close will they end together? John Market a billionaire with a horrible pas...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Mine
    1.4M 48.2K 74

    Quinn, a poor college student takes a unexpected trip to a secret V.I.P club. She was forced to go by her friends Nia, and Jean a week before her second year of college. As soon as she enters the club, she meets Leo, the powerful CEO of Sky Pillar, who takes an interest in her almost immediately. She thinks she's goin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Winterville High
    22.7K 2.6K 46

    Have you ever met that one guy who changes your life? The one who scatters your soul into pieces yet you can't stop loving him? Scarlett and Xavier - BFF's, well this is what scarlett thought they were! Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Scarlett Henderson, your typical miss goody two shoes who insanely...

  • My Girlfriend's Mysterious Past
    103K 5.9K 65

    My girlfriend's mysterious past is a love story between Sanjay a powerful businessman and Sanvi the broken soul *** Sanjay Saho a powerful businessman, attacked by an enemy one night at deserted area where there are no one. He is unconscious when a girl found him. He is out of breath he is going to die but that girl r...

  • His Hush Hush Girl
    143K 13.3K 55

    His Girl series #1 When you're destined to be with the person you love, none can rip you apart. Akruti Arora, an innocent soul yet beauty with a brain. She loves her family from the bottom of her heart, all this while she waiting for her true love. Even though her life moves in a creamy means without any dilemmas, she...

  • You will forever be my always
    4.3M 98.3K 32

    She never met someone that is so cold and soft at the same time, that is mean to everyone, and not to mention he is super hot. He never met someone so shy, that only minds her own business, and is a total darling and makes his cold heart melt. Liliana Smith is a total angel, she is shy, and the girl that had no frie...

  • ...And She Came As Moonlight ✓
    26.6K 1.1K 34

    "Am I annoying? Wait. Why am I even asking? Everyone knows I'm annoyingly talkative but what to do, this is me." **** He stood alone but with confidence, just like a moon. He was a millionaire. Hard to reach and harder to talk to. NOT because he was cold hearted, but because he had a secret to protect. If he was the m...

  • My Arrogant Husband
    444K 14.2K 29

    Lina lost her parents in an accident when she was 5.Well it was actually a planned murder which she soon finds out through her aunty who actually was the one who planned it.Lina was not able to do anything about it and was forced to live with her aunt and uncle.She was mentally and physically abused by her uncle and...

  • Silent Boy's Violent Girl(FANFIC)
    50.3K 4.7K 32

    Cover Credits to @luckykr13 Earlier known as "Hamari Ajab Prem Kahani". What happens when a Prim and Proper, silent guy, Omkara Singh Oberoi falls in Love with the Tomboy Gauri Sharma. Read to find out.

  • First Wife, First Love.
    248K 13.2K 43

    0. Summary. [Arranged Marriages Series 0.5] She is his first wife and soon she turns out to be his first love too. Arya lost her parents at a very young age. So now she lives with her maternal family. They all give her so much love that she doesn't even mourn her Mom's passing away anymore. She can't even think about...

  • First Love
    303K 12.1K 29

    Anjali and Aditya met in college and became good friends from the start. Just as their relationship is about to take a turn and they start to develop feelings for each other misunderstandings pulls them apart. They come face to face again years later when Aditya's mother arranges a marriage between the two. Aditya coe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tutoring the Bad Boy (Completed)
    2.3M 75.9K 36

    Tutoring the Bad Boy. ~~ He smirked. "Whoops! Look who has read 50 Shades of Grey. Trust me getting kinky is almost every guys dream. I knew you had hidden desires! All the shy ones do." I blushed a little. "No! I don't have any hidden desires." The image of me and Bryan on a bed, with no clothes and handcuffs and tie...

  • Not So Simple🔎|✔️
    12.5K 1.7K 18

    Agent, a new officer is joining us today. And also he is your new partner. "Seriously? D-sir? I can work alone. I am capable enough." I defend. "No. I am your head, and thats an order." "Whose joining?" "Laksh Singhania." I hear a completely new voice. "Welcome onboard." As if. This is so going to be, not so simple. |...

  • 😍mY iNnOcEnT sWeeTheArt😘
    178K 13.3K 64

    Completed Currently editing This is my first story and i am cringing like hell while reading it so i m editing it my request:- plzz don't read it till i edit it completely. Riddhima: stop scolding me ok are scolding me like i m a five year old kid... Vansh: you are actually a kid Riddhima: no m not Vansh: yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • BLSC #4 : The Thief To His Heart
    2.9M 106K 32

    BLSC #4 Archer North A guy who loves challenge , music and girls. He thinks love is childish and making people attach to each other. He believes that no one will ever steal his heart since he never felt anything that makes him flutter or excited before until he land his eyes to someone that he never expect to have his...

    Completed   Mature
  • BLS #2 : Challenging The Billionare
    4.7M 159K 35

    BLS #2 Sky Locason Billionare that never fail to make girls knee go weak. He has the charm that everyone envy. Hates everyone who tried to hurt his family and his closest friends. He never give someone mercy , he always ended up crushing them in the end. Janet Stanmore Ordinary girl who loves to write a blog , she got...

  • BLSC #11 : Billionare's Girl
    2M 83.4K 31

    BLSC #11 Nathaniel Bryant One of the most powerful young billionare in America. He achieved the title when he was 23. He built everything from scratch when he was 17 since he had no one and no money in his life. One day he made a mistake and someone decided to kill him.. but little did everyone know and he's not dead...

  • Frozen - Shivika FF | ✓
    232K 26.2K 44

    An angry Shivaay Singh Oberoi marries his wedding planner- Anika, for whom he once secretly harbored feelings of affection. Shivaay's one day marriage turns itself into a marriage for life time, when his family finds out that the bride behind the veil is none other thqn Anika. Anika, a woman for whom self respect matt...

    Completed   Mature