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  • Mix and Match | BTS
    146K 17.5K 52

    "A stupid app that throws me in with a bunch of dudes and makes me choose one of em?" "The app chooses the perfect match for you." "And your point is?" "Why don't you just shut up and live that y/n life?" inspired from mystic messenger warning: mild swearing, actions caused by certain characters could be triggering to...

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    397K 26.1K 30

    When Kim Namjoon becomes the commanding officer of Brooklyn's 99th precinct, he soon realizes that with the job comes babysitting six chaotic officers. ━━━━━━━━ "I didn't know tazing the microwave would start a fire!" Jungkook argued. "Well did you think it was going to fucking...

  • extra cheese, please! ∙ jjk ✓
    76.7K 3.2K 5

    ➵ friends to lovers au ∙ jeon jeongguk ; jeongguk prays for a silver lining. but he never realised it would come in the form of his drunken, cleavage-bearing housemate and a text message at one in the morning.

    Completed   Mature
  • LIGHTHOUSE ° you . kth
    61.8K 4.9K 12

    (complete.) something changed the day we went to the lighthouse. did you forget? || inspired by. 絶叫学級 || rated. pg-13 || feat. kim taehyung & you as 'seonhwa'

  • SUMMER DAZE ° you . kth
    59.8K 4.6K 10

    (complete.) a wish made 12 years earlier reconciles you with your first love and childhood friend, but at what price? || inspired by. カゲロウデイズ || rated. pg-13 for (mild?) violence || feat. kim taehyung & you as 'yeonji'

  • LIMIT ° you . kth . jjk [18+]
    1.2M 36.2K 18

    (complete.) You have confessed to the resident bad boy, Kim Taehyung, 50 times. Tired of your attempts and wanting to stop your infatuation for good, Taehyung agrees to date you - but only if you can overcome his sadistic challenges. || rated mature for strong language and sexual content. || feat. you (as sup...

  • ARTIFICIAL ° a multimedia story.
    164K 19.4K 30

    (complete.) one of these things is not like the others. one of these things just doesn't belong. 一 a media / texting fic. || rated 13+ for strong language. || ft. bts and you as generically named 'kang haneul'.

    670K 31.7K 20

    ❝I don't want him to be my soulmate!❞ You whine, disgust written all over your face. ❝Every night he sleeps with a different girl and I have to see it!❞ ༻♡ ── ✧ ─── ✧ ── ♡༺ ➺ SOULMATE AU ➺ fuckboy!Yoongi x reader ➺ Started: Jan 30, 2019 || Completed: Mar 28, 2019 © tropicalxsabotage 2019 *i don't own any rights to the...

    Completed   Mature
    398K 22.5K 20

    ❝I miss you so much, Y/N,❞ Jimin slurs his words at the other end of the line. ❝Can I go over?❞ You sigh, closing your eyes. You can't keep doing this. You can't keep letting yourself get hurt. ❝Come over when you're sober.❞ ━━ ⋅ ✶ ⋅ ━━ ❊ ━━ ⋅ ✶ ⋅ ━━ ➺ ALCOHOLISM AU (short story) ➺ alcoholic!Jimin x reader ➺ Started...

    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight Advisor | Jungkook [√]
    2.8M 196K 58

    [PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER] "Hello, this is midnight advisor! Having a problem getting it up with your boyfriend? I'm always here to-" "I just wanted to say that I was trying to kill myself a few minutes ago." "Oh, shoot!" Highest: 1 IN FANFICTION [COMPLETED]

  • Alternate | Seokjin [√]
    727K 73.5K 40

    "So you're telling me I'm supposed to be dead? How the hell am I replying then?!" In which she sends texts to her dead senior until suddenly, someone starts replying back. warnings: mention of death, depression and suicide inspired from anime kimi no nawa and orange Highest: 1 in jin 1 in kpop 1 in textfic 37 in fanf...

  • Twelve Hours Till Death | Jungkook [√]
    253K 22.2K 14

    "If you really want to die, can't you do it somewhere else? I don't want disgusting blood and other organs splashed all over my favorite place." A complete stranger causes Soojin to miss her chance of suicide, only to get her 12 more hours to attempt it again. A stranger, A dying girl, 12 hours, And a few wishes. Wha...

  • ANON. ❪ KTH + ??? ❫
    88.9K 9.7K 35

    "who said anything about you seeing me?" ⓒ tentaeils | completed [ kim taehyung, ___________. ]

  • MEME. ❪ KTH + JHS ❫
    131K 12.6K 35

    "KIM TAEHYUNG, WE'RE ON CAMERA!" ⓒ tentaeils | completed [ kim taehyung, jung hoseok. ]

    282K 22.3K 46

    "if you're not minnie mouse, who are you?" ⓒ tentaeils | completed [ park jimin, jeon jeongguk. ]

  • Frenemies
    3.2M 149K 35

    "Why can't you just admit that you like me?" you piped, grinning evilly. "Because I don't," Jungkook snapped, jaw clenching, "and I never will." - You owe your ex-boyfriend 20k. Why? Don't ask, read to find out. And in order to help that money fly back into his wallet faster, you helplessly rob, use, and exploit Jungk...

    Completed   Mature
    88.1K 5.9K 10

    "The world is ending in 7 days and I'm going to die beside the most dysfunctional idiot that has ever graced the face of this Earth." A smile tugs the corners of Taehyung's lips and she can see her own reflection in his eyes, glittering with the bright lights reflected from the street. It's funny how we only notice ho...

  • SAY NO | JJK
    49.2K 2.6K 7

    ↠ in which she returns to her dreadful hometown and accidentally re-encounters her old paramour, who is only but a month away from getting married cr. http_BTS november 2017

  • SIN [yoonmin]
    555K 28.5K 36

    "bring me the holy water, park jimin" "oh daddy, so aggressive" In which Park Jiimin has a tendency of fucking with the wrong people. Until he met Yoongi, a priest who made it all even worse. priest!Yoongi + fuckboy!Jimin [big age gap] It becomes angsty in the last few chapters, especially the 'Finale' chapter can be...

  • CONCUSSED. | TAEKOOK - complete
    30.9K 1.8K 9

    "stop trying to hook up with me again, dumbass, i'm concussed!" "huh, guess you really could say i fucked your brains out." in which taehyung and jungkook hookup in a bathroom, and taehyung ends up with a concussion.

    35.5K 2.5K 11

    he fights for a love left bruised. a kim namjoon fic. © happypjm ( 2017 )

  • Lonely | Jungkook | ✓
    162K 10.5K 11

    ❝Thank you for making me a little less lonely.❞ - In which a depressed soldier falls for a prostitute. Romance/Tragedy - Started : 11.11.17 Finished : 17.11.17

    Completed   Mature
  • Purple Death | A BTS Murder Mystery ✔
    93.5K 7.9K 26

    When Hoseok is found dead one Tuesday morning in his bedroom, there is no question about it: he was murdered. But in the secure BTS dorms, no one can enter nor leave if they don't have the key. Only six other people have it: Seokjin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. One of them killed Hoseok. But who? A...

    Completed   Mature
  • [REC]/bts
    164K 16.8K 24

    well, i don't wanna die hungry comedy + supernatural + thriller + horror © sopeworld 2018

    Completed   Mature
    218K 13.2K 22

    love travels in many paths. a jeongguk fic. © ULZZANGS.

  • bleed me | jin ✔
    34.1K 3K 25

    He could still see her smiling in his dreams. He could hear her laugh, smell her fragrance, taste her savors. He could feel her by his side, holding his hand, touching his soul. He could see the depth of her eyes, the warmth of her heart, the strength of her spirit. Then he would open his eyes, and it would all fade a...

  • toilet paper ↯ jjk
    157K 7.9K 26

    "hey, whoever's in the next stall, can you please pass over some toilet paper?" in which a girl gets stuck in a bathroom stall without toilet paper + in which jeon jungkook hides in the girl's bathroom to hide from some crazy fans (a jeon jungkook story.) → COMPLETED: jul. 2017 - sept. 2019

  • Rated R | v.m.k
    15.6K 615 1

    In which the boys are having a movie night, but Taehyung's more focused on the way Jungkook's hands move between Jimin's legs under the blanket. *One shot

    Completed   Mature
  • Throne || BTS
    112K 8K 32

    Yisun neither wished to be a princess nor to live in the royal palace for behind those gates lies the most inhumanity she's ever seen, the worst murders she's ever witnessed and the cruelest family she's ever met. And all for what? The throne? Little does she know there's more to it than just the gold-embedded chair a...

  • Glitch | Jjk ff
    3.2M 210K 96

    She has a virtual boyfriend and she calls him Glitch. "I was just bored when I started it but I ended up falling inlove with the guy inside my screen." 010120 021920