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  • Puppet [LGBT - POLY - Complete - Edited]
    260K 12.3K 33

    When a game goes too far, Varian wakes to an unfamiliar room. He's tortured and taunted by a masked man that's set on breaking not just his body but his mind. As Varian struggles to keep his sanity, a dark need that he's suppressed all his life is awakened. But even when he returns home, he's not the same. And the peo...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Three Strings [BoyxBoy - A Puppet Novella]
    4.7K 278 11

    [!Read Puppet first!] Kacey always knew he was different. He liked pain, screams, and blood way more than a normal 13-year-old should. And when he meets Padriac, he finds not just a cure for boredom in torture, but also an addiction he can't escape.

  • Slave [BoyxBoy - Complete]
    37.8K 1.3K 34

    Ten years ago, Seth Deere was kidnapped. Therapy can't stop the nightmares or the dark thoughts he has. Nor can it stop him from sleepwalking to random locations in the middle of the night. As his forms of self-healing become more self-destructive, the bullying at school become worse as well. The main perpetrator? Jax...

    Completed   Mature