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  • I Just Want to be a Passerby!
    145K 7.5K 36

    Li Nuo had just become a world hopper. His mission is to go into different worlds, where there are characters who deviated from their rightful ending and help them achieve happiness. The characters can be a protagonist shou, the protagonist gong, the villain, or side characters. He originally planned to live a normal...

  • Why Do All The Target's Hate Me?!
    88.6K 5.1K 23

    Chen Yanyan was hated by that man, despised, ignored, that man even wanted him dead! ...D-didn't he?! Then why... Why was that man suddenly clinging onto his thigh as though he were his life? Why was that man begging him not to leave? Why was that man pursuing him so heavily?!? Why did that man whisper words of love...