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    Un grupo de hermanos, Hal y Clifford los mayores que fueron adoptados. FP, el primer hijo biológico, Tom el segundo y por último Fred. Una de las familias más importantes de Riverdale que se ve en vuelta en el caos cuándo el mayor de todos, Clifford, aparece asesinado en su auto. Todo apunta que fue un asalto, pero...

  • Lonely Town
    254 21 1

    "I don't want to be alone in this lonely town anymore. Or in the lonely town that is somehow still our home." Alice goes after a serial killer that targets young women, with only one mission- avenging her daughter. She finds the place where she has to go: Twin Peaks. As she arrives there she stands eye to eye with F...

  • Falice & Fredmione - A web of lies
    4.5K 251 15

    It seems like the four of them are living the live they are supposed to be. Alice Smith is dating rich north side boy Hal Cooper, Fred Andrews is captain of the football team, FP Jones is getting his life back on track, or at least that is what others think, and Hermione Gomez is living her rich perfect life. Or is...

  • The Midnight Club
    7.3K 178 13

    Alice Smith: No money, no friends, no daddy--nothing to lose, right? Except maybe her pride, the only thing tougher than her attitude. And, of course, her one love--whom she'd do anything to protect from her awful secret. Forsythe Pendleton Jones Jr.: By day, the envied king of high school popularity, by night the mi...