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  • Welcome to the Chaos | Profile Updates | ❖
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    Welcome to my profile! Add this book to your library for profile updates beyond what I announce: ❖ Progress reports on my ongoing projects, both on and offline ❖ Announcements of new things I'm writing behind the scenes ❖ Challenges I've set for myself ❖ The occasional celebration ❖ Frequently asked question...

  • As the Crow Falls | ❖
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    Niccola is a demi-queen undercover in enemy territory. Her little sister went missing seven moons ago, but one lead remains: a picture of a woman's face, drawn by a diviner shortly after the disappearance. Tracking her down has led Niccola to Calis, the realm next whose border with her own remains closed for a reason...

  • Song of the Deep | Kels Trilogy 2 | ❖
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    The deep-ocean Kels have a prophecy, and to Ande, it's no longer just a story. With her village safe, she can finally turn her attention to the name the Kels have given her: the Singer, the one who will bring the rest of her people back to the water. But there's a problem. She's not sure that belief is correct, and if...

  • Red Rover | COMING AUGUST 1ST | ❍
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    The Redding takes you if it knows your name. That's the rule that's kept Meg alive -- or awake, rather -- since the night the world went to hell. Nobody knows where the red stuff came from, but it acts like water, it's in the water, and it falls as rain every night. The people it captures drop like puppets with their...

  • Can You Cook a Dragon? | Flash Fiction Collection | ❖
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    A collection of micro-sized stories and scenes based off of prompts from @CeeMTaylor's blog, The AuthorShip. Updates sporadically.