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  • Star-faced Lovers
    677 35 1

    Star-crossed lovers? Nah, that term is overrated. More like star-faced lovers. When acne tries to ruin Kara's date with her long term crush Lucas, Big Yellow is to the rescue! This is my entry for the @starface profile #starface writing contest. I hope you enjoy it!

  • #Starface
    32 3 1

    After losing her mother, a girl and her father struggle with overcoming the obstacles of puberty until Big Yellow arrives to save the day.

  • Starlight | Entry for Starface Competition
    30 3 1

    follow the tragedy of a young woman discovering a pimple right before her first date, but a little support from her mom and childhood imaginary friend, Starface, she regains her confidence. STARFACE CONTEST TOP 5

  • Big Yellow and Steller Star Girl: Hydro-Stars
    67 9 1

    For the Star Face Contest: Steller Star and her friend Big Yellow save the day against the evil Doctor Z.