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  • My Best Friends Mother
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    I haven't seen much NarcissaXReader or anything so I figured I'd write my own. This is basically how I plan my DR to be so the main character is me. I don't really know what else to say so enjoy the story that is most lily never going to end because when I finally shift I will add story's as well. Also I'm using this...

  • The spell ➤ drarry |COMPLETED|
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    When Harry and Draco get hit with a mystery spell, they're in for a rude awakening... WARNINGS- •boyxboy •extreme content

    Completed   Mature
  • Embarrassment
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    This is a snarry fanfic and very much OOC. Don't like, don't read. Please comment to give me motivation. Newly finished! Thank you! Started: Sometime in 2014. Finished: 7/1/2020 16/07/17 - #59 in FanFiction 24/06/18 - #10 in Snarry 11/07/18 - #44 in Gayness 16/08/18 - #562 in Harry Potter 19/08/18 - #31 in Gayness

  • Breathe || a wilmon fanfic || fluff?
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    Wilhelm gets upset and starts to feel panicky again, this time he can't make it to his room in time..

  • Heartstopper one shots
    32.2K 228 21

    This story's gonna be mostly about nick and Charlie Tw: Smut Sh Sa This book is about comic book characters not the movie ones

  • Young Royals: After season 1
    70.4K 1.4K 96

    What happens after season one of Netflix series Young Royals season one? In this story I will present my version while we wait for season two. This story line begins the Christmas after August released the tape of Wilhelm and Simon. Will they find the way back to each other? How strong is their love for one another? C...

    Completed   Mature
  • Young Royals
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    Wilhelm and Simon keeps their love and let people know about it. They celebrate Christmas with their families and goes to school. It starts a new boy and something happens.

  • Heartstopper Smut. 🏳️‍🌈
    65.4K 356 38

    This will contain smut and if you don't like it this story is not for you. They are both 18 in this story

  • HAPPILY EVER AFTER? - Young Royals season 3
    17.5K 438 12

    SEASON 3 OF YOUNG ROYALS🥂 Simon was tense and felt as if he couldn't move. Wilhelm's hand took a hold of Simons and Simon instantly felt his body relax. Willies other hand found it's way up to the head of curls on top of the boys head, Simons mouth formed a smile. Wilhelm grinned back at him before putting there lip...

  • Nick and Charlie - A Heartstopper Fanfiction
    151K 1.5K 12

    This story takes place 10 years into the future, following the lives of 25-year-old Charlie Spring and 26-year-old Nick Nelson. Nick and Charlie are the golden couple. Nobody is as stable, as loving and as close as them. They've been this way for 10 years now, and though they might seem sturdy, Charlie's worried that...

  • I still got a crush, that's obvious
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    "I don't know if we should be alone together I still got a crush, that's obvious If nobody's around, what's stopping us? Everywhere I go you show, wherever I don't ever mind sharing oxygen I just wanna get lost in your lungs" - Inspired by Single from The Neighbourhood <3 What if Erik din't got into an accident and Wi...

  • "I love you"
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    After winter break, Crowned Prince Wilhelm must keep up the allusion his family is putting up, while trying to keep his love for Simon a secret. Started July 7, 2021 Finished August 23, 2022

  • you're brave - wilmon
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    "baby I'm fine, nothing to worry about" he tuck my hair behind my ear and look in to my eyes as a tear fall from his. I kiss the tear away from his cheek. "I've lost you once and I don't ever want to be apart from you ever again" he nuzzle his face to my neck hold his arm over me.

  • wilmon summer chronicles <3 (young royals)
    24.9K 805 6

    continuation of "YOU". please read that before reading this!! things will not make sense if you don't!! thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoy :) !! i do not own any young royals characters !!

  • Young Royals: Part 2
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    Two boys. One royal, one not. Out there just trying to figure out how to be together.