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  • Tip of the Tongue [CMS Bk. 1 - BoyxBoy][Complete/Editing]
    481K 25.4K 57

    The Human and Vampire War changed the United States forever. Vampires have won rights-but they're second class citizens. A growing evil is inside Ren Cornelli. Each day that passes, he becomes more blood thirsty. It's only a matter of time before he harms someone. He's committed to getting out of his small town, away...

  • The Taste of Copper [BoyxBoy - CMS Bk. 2]
    13.3K 782 5

    [!Read Tip of the Tongue First!] Ren Cornelli is at the forefront of a war in the making. He's being protected from the Hunter Society by the Mantel family, but his guards are as dangerous as his enemies. And though he still trusts Ashton, he can't keep pretending his feelings are nothing. But as time goes on, and the...