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  • Dark Aster
    2.7K 355 16

    "Finish it, Calliope, accept my oath or drive your sword through my throat. Either way, my life is yours, as it always was." For the first time in her life Queen Calliope's hands trembled around the pommel of her sword...

  • Just a Job - Bucky Barnes x OC
    22.9K 1.1K 27

    Bucky x OFC - Modern AU (Complete) Bucky Barnes has barely been holding on, making ends meet on his meager veterans & disability allowances - but cut off of half his income, Bucky is being forced to get back to work. When Steve helps him land a new job, Bucky finds himself working under Eve Rochester, CEO of the Roche...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold Me Close, Tame the Storm - Bucky Barnes X Loki X OC
    4K 184 32

    Bucky x Loki x OFC - Alternate Timeline The Multiverse is vast, and Millions of Timelines have the potential for existing... What if James Barnes never became the Winter Soldier? What if his wife survived that fateful fall instead? 70 years later, Captain Carter triggers memories that free Lily Barnes from Hydras cont...

  • Light Me Up - Bucky Barnes X OC
    7K 435 45

    Bucky Barnes x OFC - MCU Cannon Divergence Book shop employee Juliana (Jules) Heart befriends Bucky while he is on the run shortly after the Hydra Uprising. When Hydra comes after him, her life is suddenly in danger - and its not because of being his friend. What will Bucky do to protect his only friend, and what will...

  • The Angel & The Devil || Bucky Barnes x OC
    1.3K 84 5

    Bucky x OFC - Angels/Devil's AU Complete! When the Devil Bucky is sent to deliver a message to an Angel, he never expects things to go the way they do. The moment he sets his sights on the angel, his heart starts to feel things it has never felt before.

    Completed   Mature
  • one daydream away // bucky x oc (au)
    705 51 5

    what if 'the one' is right in front of you the whole time ?