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  • Magic most Foul
    111 21 6

    Tom Riddle x OC Thalia Fell is a muggle-born Slytherin which already sets her apart from all of her house. Befriending the largest family of blood traitors in Britain and consorting with the Golden Trio didn't do her any favours either. Thalia will learn to give up everyone she loves for the greater good, for her mis...

  • Story of her life (F.Weasley)
    730 31 8

    A teen mom's story of how she had 5 kids, got married, and lived through the pain. Nicolle Potter's story. Nicolle's life. Nicolle's happiness. Nicolle's marriage. And most importantly her greatest accomplishment. Not becoming a Weasley. Not becoming a writer. Not becoming a mother. But becoming the mother to the stro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust No One // Fred Weasley
    11.9K 315 23

    Horror/Thriller twist in the Wizarding World where Teddy and her friends find themselves to be trapped in the Triwizarding Tournament where only one can escape with their life. DISCLAIMER - All original Harry Potter characters credit goes to J.K. Rowling

  • inflicted [h.p]
    189K 5.3K 11

    the boy scratched at the skin on his wrist so hard it bled. he'd been doing it all summer. so much so that the skin on his left arm was nothing but scabs and irritated skin. it itched. it constantly fucking itched and it hurt. but the subtle pain was a decent daily distraction from his mind. and harry liked that. ther...