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  • My abusive husband
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    " You fucking slut, how can you do this to killed them!!!" jungkook grabbed y/n's hair " jun-jungkook please understand...i didn't do anything* y/n was a crying mess " I will make you regret doing all this " jungkook said with teary eyes " i will be gone forever...." y/n whispered

    Completed   Mature
  • Only Mine
    3.4M 68.9K 51

    Alice has her life going on just perfect before Stone, the most dangerous mafia leader in town, becomes a part of her life, claiming that she's his, and becoming overly obsessed with her. ------------------------------ You've been warned that this story contains: • Mature scenes • Swearing • Violence and sexual refer...

    Completed   Mature
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    Ariel is an innocent 18 year old girl. She lost her parents in a car accident recently. Her only living relative is her grandmother who lives in a different state at the north. She moves to her grandmother's town. She is homeschooled for her life and is very shy in front of people. The town where she moves too has...

  • Devil's forgotten love ✅
    463K 15.7K 24

    SEQUEL TO DEVIL'S LITTLE LOVE. After 5 years of forgetting Alexander now Ariel has come back to the town with her friends for vacation. But she doesn't know that the BEAST OF THE CASTLE is waiting for her since 5 years. What will happen now when Alexander is all set to get his little love back? will Ariel remember h...