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  • Haywire Ranger
    3.2K 958 63

    Failure doesn't kill dreams. Self-doubt does. - Aunt Naomi 🌟 🌟 🌟 In a future plagued by cybernetic beasts known as phoenixes, Sky Falcon, a geeky teen with big dreams, yearns to join the prestigious Elite Academy, where students learn to defeat those mo...

  • A Dance Of Crowns & Thrones | Book I
    7.9K 1K 187

    PART I | "Are you really a queen if your world is in ruins?" | In the wake of a devastating attack that reduces her palace to ruins, Sera's only refuge becomes Earth- It's there that she crosses paths with Matthew. The cocky, confident and self assured leader of the Allegiant Academy. The same academy that serves a...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Night With No Stars
    1.7K 187 29

    One of them is a boring, soon to be married financier. The other is a kid with a certain talent for finding trouble wherever he goes. According to the logic, their encounter should result in disaster, but life is rarely logical and the worst madness can sometimes make the most sense. A crime story with a slight touch...

  • Hell Is An Empty Heart (Book One of The Triple Moon's Chronicles)
    22.4K 3.6K 94

    ~ 15x TIMES FEATURES ~ A goddess is taken to the underworld as the King's bride; her father knew everything and her mother knew nothing. In this retelling of the Hymn of Demeter, mother and daughter will do whatever it takes to free themselves-no matter the cost. * Up in the sky, in a world between myths and lies, onc...

    Completed   Mature
  • ORIGIN (#3, Gods Among Us)
    4K 614 70

    When Loki's consort and soulmate marries his rival to save their son from a curse, a prophecy leads to consequences even the God of Chaos couldn't predict. *** The Unseelie Goddess of War's revenge against Asgard's Dark Prince puts him in a no-win scenario with a choice between losing his soulmate or his son. Bad enou...

    Completed   Mature