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  • Legends: Mythical Glory (Season, #2)
    24.8K 629 15

    [ READ SEASON 1 FIRST ] After being cursed and losing her memory, Celestial Beryl remained with the Royals in the Kingdom of Eufrata. Meanwhile, the Abyss continues to seek out the land's Prime Stones in order to grow power. As a result, the Royals had to travel in search of the Prime Stones before the Abyss could obt...

  • Legends: Celestial Beryl (Season, #1) ✔️
    241K 11.9K 103

    She was once the definition of innocence, purity, and ethereal beauty. But she was tainted by the creatures around her. She was extremely tortured, bullied, toyed, harassed; physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused. It got to the point that she became numb of the pain. And now she has become a villain, a...