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  • Falling again and again
    175 106 11

    Sydney was a soft and kind person who was turned on her journey to travel alone for her researches, study in abroad. This travel was her first experience to go lonely... This travel gonna makes her meet her soulmate with many conflicts and accomplishment and some twisting was going to happen in her life..... It's a r...

  • Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Balance (Male Reader x Female Harem) [On Break]
    118K 2.4K 37

    Y/n, a boy of mystery. No one has a clue where he came from nor how he got to the island. He thought he was normal but that clearly was not the case. Of course, he immediately become friends with Sora, Kairi, and Riku. And with fate, there's always more than meets the eye. When the island is swept into darkness... Wil...

  • [OG] The Glitch Spider (malereader spider-man harem)
    1.2M 31.1K 75

    Original version A boy who inspires to be like his heros. Is then given the opportunity by something that could only be described as out of this world, as a portal from another dimension drops a spider onto him. Turing him into a familiar hero, yet making him much powerful then his current hero. He goes against famili...

    Completed   Mature
  • MCU: The Third Maximoff
    215K 5.2K 48

    I'm not like Wanda and Pietro. I've had these powers since we were kids. Hopefully I can use these powers to clean up my home and do some good along the way. Fingers crossed!

  • The Wizard Who Could (Male Reader X Hermione Granger)
    498K 17.3K 51

    Go through the journey of a young boy named Y/N Mavros, who is the product of two worlds that have fated him to fight for the survival of the magical world. DISCLAIMER: RATED M FOR MATURE All rights go to J.K Rowling. I obviously don't own any of this aside from the actual character of Y/N Mavros

  • The Wild Card of 1-A! (Male Reader X Female Bakugo) [Rewrite In Progress]
    148K 3.3K 32

    Y/n Uraraka is the brother of Ochako Uraraka. With both kids striving to be heroes to support their parents, their ways are different. No matter what troubles Y/n finds himself in, no matter how many sacrifices he makes for others; He overcomes every obstacle and let's everyone have a happy ending. What troubles and c...

  • Male Kira Reader x JJBA
    44K 942 15

    This seems kinda self explanatory