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  • A Zombies Bite (Z Nation 10k Fan Fic)
    109K 1.8K 18

    (I DO NOT OWN Z NATION OR THEIR CHARACTERS) Three years.Its been three years since this world has become infested with creatures that feed on human flesh,Zombies.Its been three years since man-kind has become extinct,there's nothing left for me. Meet Sarah Gilbert,she's used to feeling alone,abandoned.No one to talk t...

  • Scouts Vs Zombies
    42K 791 11

    Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse with Carter love story. I only wrote this because I was bored so a heads up that it it's going to be very mainstream and quick. I saw that there were none of these so I made this in 5 days. Enjoy my least effort put into a story. It has also come to my attention that a user named...