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  • Sands of Yore **COMPLETE, being re-written**
    1M 34.2K 45

    Who knew that her trip to Egypt would end up with her being flung into the ancient world, thus changing her life forever. Pharaoh Bes was known to have a reputation of being careless, cruel, and heartless. Bailey DuMont was a strange woman who had both captivated and infuriated him from the beginning. They were never...

  • Dancing With The Masquerade
    39.7K 9K 35

    Twenty-six-year-old Kasiemobi Ejindu knows something sinister has been moving on with her for as long as she could recall even though she's oblivious of its true threats but a shocking revelation regarding her ancestral background and her sudden encounter with a young Hispanic-American pastor might just be her first t...

  • Óshún Unearthed ✔
    1.8K 646 16

    ||Featured on AmbassadorsAfrica's reading profile|| ||Featured on AmbassadorsNg's reading profile|| ||Open Novella Contest Africa 2021|| * To find his beloved wife, Óshún and heal his broken heart; Cupid comes all the way to Lagos, Nigeria. He crosses path with a girl, who seem to be Óshún. A girl blessed with strang...

    13.2K 2.8K 30

    🏆 ONC AFRICA 2021 WINNER (SPOTLIGHT STORY) "Would you sabotage someone's career to protect your own?" Teniola Oyeyinka travels from New York to Nigeria after receiving a call from her estranged, terminally ill father. She is distraught by the experience, but eventually embraces new friends and family and decides not...

  • The Truth that wasn't there
    801 190 19

    To predict the actions of rebels in Usehjiki, the Jiki Clans Authority seeks the help of Jera Franklin, a woman who has long been an enemy of the state. - Will they succeed? Or will they make a deal with the devil that the clans will, forever, live to regret? --- ONC AFRICA 2021 🏆GRAND WINNER🏆

  • Tales from the Savanna
    3.6K 249 10

    Chilling African stories grounded in tradition, nostalgia and adventure. A Wattpad featured story. Featured on WattpadFusion's Escape To Africa reading list Featured on Africa Ambassadors' Southern Africa reading list Featured on WattpadMulticultural 's African Tales reading list Featured on WattpadWitches' Black Hist...

  • Kindled Hearts
    3.9K 476 20

    {Featured @ Wattpad friends and family profile - Celebrating Black History Month reading list (Jan 2023), Featured @ Official Wattpad's Romance profile - new adult romance reading list (May - June 2021), Featured @ Ambassador's Africa, Featured @ writers without borders, Featured @ Wattpad's undiscovered stories (Sept...

  • A Little Lily (COMPLETE)
    420 57 13

    Lily has always been a typical Tanzanian girl with a boring life but everything takes a turn for the better when Lily meets Johnny, she doesn't expect him to like her let alone love her but Johnny is quick to come on to her. Sparks fly all around them and before long the two of them have a steady relationship going an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Serendipity [BoyxBoy]
    4.5K 996 35

    Ten different lives. Two boys. One night that'll bring them all together. Sixteen year old Nosa is okay with being a loner. He doesn't have social anxiety-- he's Catholic and his mum promised you can't love Jesus and have a disorder. He's just weird and he's not good at talking to people but that doesn't mean there's...

    Completed   Mature
  • 3.1 | Undead
    1.7K 471 20

    Jacob's life was supposed to go down a straight path. He had a beautiful fiancee, a well-paying job, a cool house, nice cars. Everything was perfect. But then his ex returned. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, he could just tell her to back off. Simple, right? No. Not when his hand could go through her body. ▬▬▬▬▬▬...

  • Love And Fate
    1.4K 324 32

    "Love is the best thing that ever happens to us. Love is the best thing that could have happened to me, if not for an inevitable circumstance called fate." Serene Grace Addoo comes from a great line of family with fame, power, and affluence. She is the daughter of the richest man in the whole of West Africa. Even wit...

  • Born a Redhead | The Damned Citizens I
    751 299 10

    [CELEBRATE AFRICA AWARDS 2021 WINNER] 'The world has its Gods, and its Devils too . . .' The misfit. Denrele Ọrẹoluwa Balogun was set apart because he had the same red hair as those who have the ability to control fire. But while he lacked that ability, this didn't stop the society from treating him differently, until...

    Completed   Mature
  • Healing Wounds (Completed)
    3.6K 1.1K 40

    Set in modern-day Nigeria, Adaora and TaraOluwa are mother and daughter set to go down a journey of healing wounds. Tara's ex-best friend partnered with her former crush to sell her to human traffickers. The memories of her short time in hostage before her successful escape still haunt her. On the other hand, Adaora b...