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    Despite her family's objection, Bente Kruyper packs her bags and flies to the other side of the globe. A student exchange program is just an excuse. Her ultimate purpose is to find her long-lost mother who left without explanation seventeen years ago in Indonesia. Everyone believes her mother is dead, but a small voic...

  • We Are Us ✔
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    Gretta Adelson's life changes the day she wakes up in bed with her step-sister's boyfriend. She has no idea how she ended up in his bed since she can't remember anything from the past three days. A family dinner is the last thing she can recall; the night her family invited the woman she saw in the woods earlier that...

  • Forgiven ✔
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    Blair Rothchild has been struggling to free herself from a daunting childhood memory. To make peace with her past, she visits her brother who still lives in their old family home; the home she left behind more than a decade ago. Blair convinces herself she made the right decision despite the growing uneasiness that s...

  • 20 Days to Prom✔
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    Having unanswered questions about her past, Aubrey has grown into a bitter and distant teenager. Nevertheless, she lives her life by the rules as her community expects a respectable young lady to behave. But when she finds a wooden box that belonged to her late mother, she starts to experience another voice inside her...

  • Glumrest Hills
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    After Maxime learns she inherits a house from a grandmother she never met, she takes a long and windy trip to Glumrest Hills, a place she never knew existed. It's supposed to be a sweet and short visit to finalize the handover and to meet her family. What she doesn't know is the village holds secrets from the past; s...