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  • Adopted by the Avengers
    73.8K 1.4K 11

    Nick Fury is a man without the time to teach a whiny group of super humans how to work as a team, so instead of sending the heroes into more war zones, he decides to give them a challenge unlike any other they've dealt with before - raising a kid. For the past six years, Charlotte Kelton has known nothing but her fos...

  • Age of Glory | Pietro Maximoff
    273K 10K 49

    AGE OF GLORY Book One · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · "Pietro," Wanda whispers to him in Sokovian, "Pietro, come back. Dear brother, I need you." His vitals come back on, only a moment passes before he flat lines again, but there's still brain activity. "Tony, more!" "I'm trying! Dr. Banner is way more suited to this than I am." To...

  • Anatomical (Avengers love story)
    266K 7.3K 38

    All she wanted was to help people. Avengers love story

  • AVENGERS: Dreamer.
    90.8K 2.4K 17

    Thank you for nearly 100K reads! Is she dreaming or is it just another world? The Avengers are owned by: MARVEL. But the storyline and some of the characters are mine.

  • Avengers, unique
    278K 6.8K 24

    You all know Pepper Potts, assistant to Tony Stark, girl friend, co worker, smart pretty, oh and did I forget to mention mother, From a previous relationship Pepper has a six year old daughter, Satori, very advanced for her age, bubbly, kind, thoughtful, Pepper has kept her a secret from not only Tony but shield and...

  • Avengers wrong number
    110K 2.8K 10

    You get a random text from the one and only Hawkeye without knowing it. I do not own marvel so the characters belong to marvel studios. I do not own the cover. I found it online. Okay, I think that's it so have a good day.

  • Avengers X reader Snow Queen
    57.2K 643 29

    Hello, my fellow barbarians, Welcome to the remake of Avengers AFU x Reader Snow Queen, Where there is a storm brewing around a woman not shown to the world for decades, the Arctic cold come at her command, She lives in the cold north pole away from civilians, Until one day she got a visit from certain individuals...

  • Avengers Show me love
    65.7K 1.9K 36

    Harper Hartley, twenty one beautiful beyond smart,but very guarded and for good reasons, graduating high school at the age of twelve, best friends with the famous Tony Stark, but what happens when she comes to New York to confide in Tony about something important when the Famous Steve Rogers gets captivated by her,

  • avengers chatroom x reader
    108K 2K 23

    chatroom with the avengers!! these are all one-shots completed on 1-17-21 #9 on chatroom on 5-4-21 #2 in visions on 5-3-21 #1 in wade wilson on 3-1-21 #32 in antman on 5-11-21 #14 in wanda on 4-13 -21 #112 in nick fury on 1-2-21 #25 in pietro maximoff on 1-10-21 #9 in thor odinson on 5-11-21 #200 in loki laufeyson o...

  • Friendly Face
    10.7K 686 8

    You help Captain America as he's fleeing from shield the day he wakes from the ice

  • Avenger x reader chatroom
    58.1K 1.3K 26

    you the reader are part of the avengers. see what happens when chatrooms are created

  • Battlefield ✪ s. rogers
    11.9K 428 24

    WE FACE OUR FEARS UNARMED ON THE BATTLEFIELD | ❝ Protect Seraphina. And don't trust anyone. ❞ ✪✪ All she's ever known is a life of looking over her shoulder, running, staying out of the spotlight. Until a man in blue with a large disc on his back jumps out of an elevator from twenty stories high and practically...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound by Fate | An Avengers Soulmate [HIATUS]
    76.4K 2.3K 19

    Amara wants to live a quiet and unbothered life, that's why she moved from her former country to New York, where people mind their own business. What happens when the place she thought was perfect turns out to be the place where her soulmates reside? *** DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fanfiction. I do not own the Marve...

  • Falling For Captain America/(COMPLETED)[1]
    280K 5.5K 30

    *Has been updated /no more repeats Ella Stark was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, well that was until she accepted her brother's offer of staying with him at Stark Tower. Now she has to deal with the brother she doesn't really know and his crazy life. Could it be the best decision she ever made thanks to a cer...

  • Lover from another dimension. Avengers x reader
    118K 3K 39

    (y/n) Robertson is just a normal student she and her friend is an Marvel fan especially Avengers. one day they were drawing they character in Marvel universe. they keep making stories on what would happen if they were in Marvel Universe. suddenly the room that they were in fept like spinning. "uh.. Y/n is it me or i...

  • I'm not the only one avengers LS (in construction)
    844K 20.9K 84

    Chloe didn't always have it easy, she was teased for having to many soulmate marks. In fact she had 11 soulmate marks, but didn't know who they were. She was only sixteen going on seventeen. Now moving from her hometown to queens, it's going to be hard to be the new girl. But what happens when she meets a boy with bro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captain's Hart
    212K 4.3K 26

    Arianna Hart was just a regular teenager... until she's recruited by SHIELD. Smart, pretty, and stubborn but with a good heart, she soon becomes one of SHIELDs most capable spies. When aliens invade NY, she joins the Avengers, determined to fight for her friends. What she didn't expect was to fall in love... with Capt...

  • Mated to the avengers
    55.5K 1.1K 18

    Gabriella Charlton was born with 11 soulmarks, 3 is rare but 11 wow. She doesn't know what awaits her. She is 16 and still in school people bully and tease her and call her a freak for having eleven soulmarks. She scared of opening up to people because of her past with her abusive ex boyfriend Rico Martinez. She and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pieces (Avengers Soulmates)
    474K 12.6K 28

    "We'll hold you until your broken pieces are put back in place," Tony told her holding her closely. As the others gathered around her to hold her too. "You're ours,no matter what," they spoke in unison. Yemoja is the secretary of the Avengers, has been for 10 years, they're all mated to each other. Their last soul ma...

  • Mirror Mirror -Avengers Fanfiction-
    145K 4.1K 21

    [**COMPLETED**] Y/n Y/l/n has lived with her abusive foster dad ever since her parents were murdered in a break in. She slowly starts to lose hope as more scars appear and more opportunities fade, until her mirror decides to send her into the world of Marvel Heros... [Avengers x reader] ***No specific movie and this...

  • Reader x avengers Ice powers
    383K 9.6K 31

    After escaping HYDRA you earn a name for yourself as a vigilante on the streets of New York, as you struggle to hide your ice powers from your friends, things get a little more difficult when the avengers try to catch you. --------------------- Sorry this is probably going to be really shit as it's my first FanFictio...

  • She's Everything {Avengers x OC}
    9.5K 155 13

    Having not seen her best friend, Tony Stark, ever since they were in sixth grade because of her moving, Madaline moves back to New York. Making unlikely friends. Becoming something she thought she wouldn't be. Read along as Madaline has adventures with the mighty heroes of the Marvel universe. -Marissa Lewis- Instagra...

  • Other Half Of A Heart
    111K 3.5K 73

    Chloe didn't always have it easy, she was teased for having too many soulmate marks. In fact she had 11 soulmate marks, but didn't know who they were. She was only seventeen going on eighteen. Now moving from her hometown to Queens, it's going to be hard to be the new girl. But what happens when she meets a boy with b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sorry, Wrong Number Kid (Avengers)
    366K 10.2K 33

    Not an ordinary wrong person story ------ Elvira Mitrea may seem like a regular teenage girl but she is so much more than what shows on the outside Growing up in un-pleasant environments full of instability was horrible, but it sure did make her stronger. One day she texts a classmate of hers, in search for a copy of...

  • Stuck in The Multiverse
    64.5K 2.1K 16

    When a girl suddenly appears in the Avengers Compound living room, everyone is stunned. More as the girl appears to know each of them and their deepest, most secretive struggles. But little by little the Avengers warm up to her, surely helped by her franchise, her joy and her understanding personality. She even offere...

  • The Avenger's Soul
    135K 3K 70

    Billy doesn't know what her powers are. She has too many to count. She was taken by HYDRA when she was just a little girl and ever since then, they have been experimenting on her and training her alongside the Winter Soldier. In a world where everyone is marked by the first words their soulmate(s) will say, will she...

  • Strings of Fate - Avenger's Soulmate Story
    178K 4.9K 42

    Find out what happens when a girl finds out that she has some of the earth's mightiest heroes as her mates. . Our protagonist has 8 soulmates in total: Iron Man Captain America Black Panther Winter Soldier SpiderMan Quicksilver Black Widow Loki Laufeyson PS: The chapters with a (*) will contain some mature content.

  • The Avengers Mate
    170K 3.9K 14

    When Midtown High School gets a new teacher and a special group of people become drawn to her what will it mean. She get quickly earns the title as favorite teacher in the High School. Bi-tch-Cra-ft: The art of pissing people off by telling them the truth. ---------------------------------------------------- "Sometime...

  • The Avengers Soulmate: 11 Soulmarks
    693K 19K 59

    An Avenger Soulmate AU! 11 Soulmates sound crazy right especially when you have 11 marks. Her mates : Clint Nat Tony Bruce Pietro Wanda Thor Loki Steve Bucky Peter Mia meets two of her mates during her time with Sheild but after believing they betrayed her runs away hiding with the Wilsons letting the world think sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Those first words (Continued on other account, read last chapter)
    241K 5.3K 17

    All the avengers (Steve, Tony, Natasha, Bruce, Clint, Peter P, Bucky, and the Maximoff twins) have a tattoo with the words that their soulmate will first hear them say. Y/N is a 23 year old assistant to Ms. Pepper Potts and has never spoken to anyone except Pepper. When she is invited to hang out with all the avengers...