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  • Manan ff : Shining Armour
    3.5M 201K 109

    Hey guys ... !!! This is a story about how a betrayed impulsive and an arrogant Manik Malhotra starts to live his life after finding his shining armour that is Nandini Murthy and how nandini becomes his need !!! Lets see how Nandinis life changes after meeting her monster. #1 in fan fiction category on 6th August.

  • Arrange Marriage | MaNan
    2.9M 205K 121

    Disclaimer - Highly unedited in the initial chapters, no professional grammar, no english translations except for here and there and yes, few problometic traditional dynamics. Please read only if you are up for the above things. ••• An Arrange Marriage Sounds Complicated, Right? Two souls who don't know each other but...

    Completed   Mature
  • MaNanSS: The Mafia And His Shimmer!
    450K 34.1K 54

    Hi Peeps! So for the very very first time am going to share my work here myself! Hope I will get a good response anyways! Basically this story includes A Mafia Boss and A blind Girl! How will they fall for each other? What will their fate decide for them? Nandini Murthy-Niti Taylor Manik Malhotra-Parth Samthaan

  • MaNan: Breaking Free
    281K 22.6K 54

    | COMPLETED | Cover credits- @parthxlife Manik Malhotra is a 23 year old, London returned, street smart guy with looks to die for. He could possibly get any job in the world. Still, he chooses to be employed as a bodyguard. What is the reason for this strange career choice? Is it because he is harbouring secrets that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stolen Promises|| Completed
    110K 11.6K 16

    They say finding true love at nineteen is a blessing. Or so they thought until they believed in their love. But some people are really unlucky without any apparent fault of theirs. Manik Malhotra came in a similar category. Eight years later, when they met again, at their college reunion, love was bound to reignite...

  • Differences
    294K 20.2K 51

    A Mafia love story featuring Manik and Nandini. Manik Malhotra who is a dangerous mafia who does not think twice before killing anyone, his paths cross with Nandini Murthy who is a sweet doctor ready to help anyone. Circumstances bring them in a marriage which starts a love/hate story. Completed- 14/02/2022

  • Justajoo
    122K 11K 20

    She longed for death whereas he wanted to live.

  • MaNan SS: Befikra!
    332K 39.8K 37

    Once upon a time there was a BOY! ;)

  • Vivah-A Journey From Engagement To Marriage MaNan FF (Completed)
    2M 124K 77

    DARE TO COPY IT.... AND SEE WHAT I DO... BEAWARE...!! Copyright © 2015 MaNanlicious_Angel STORY IS PRIVATE AFTER ~CHAPTER 6~ Follow me to Read...!!! The Story Of Two Unknown People, Who Met With Each Other Because Of Their Family.... And And And... Read What Happened..... The Most Beautiful Journey In Everyone's Lif...

  • Forever And A Day || Completed
    1M 103K 72

    Note: Previously known as 'A Star-crossed Love' ****Can be read as a general fiction. If you want an arrange marriage tale with humor, emotions and love, hop in right away**** Love is supposed to be a beautiful feeling, and that's doesn't stick true only to romantic love. Every kind of love, friendship and family, ro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stars | completed
    393K 42.3K 55

    When Nandini met Manik for the first time, she never wanted him to be 'the one'; or actually, that thought didn't even cross her mind. And for Manik, it was no different. She was a potato faced annoying girl whom he just couldn't stand. He was the player. She was the girl next door. She was a gorgeous geek. He was a h...

  • Loved but not forgiven ✅
    657K 55.2K 67

    A journey of MaNan where they love each other but they can't forgive.... When you choose your happiness by making a mistake you bear the consequences

  • Lips Do Lie
    177K 12.9K 20

    A story of two strangers when they meet on a trip to Goa. Nandini the naive girl next door cant handle her attraction to the mysterious Manik with a hidden agenda. A story of plum rose and bathroom's and secrets and a life and death chase and lies.

  • Manan_Tera Ban Jaunga [COMPLETED✔️]
    477K 50.1K 54

    He told me I'm crazy. He told me I'm irresponsible. He told me I'm clumsy. He told me I'm a M I S T A K E And I always told him that ~ ~ I L O V E YOU. I'm Nandini Sharma, a girl with above mentioned qualities, who is insanely in love with a guy who doesn't let any chance go miss to demean her. This is my story. My...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Impulsive Soul-Mates
    778K 42.7K 48

    Characters Hi everyone, I am Nandini Murthy, 23 yrs old from Ahmedabad(Indian city). I am the daughter of Nand Kishore Murthy and Ragini Mehta . I am the fruit of their love and so is my name i.e. Nand-ini. But Appa's(father) no more with us, he passed away when I was 10 and since then we, matlab me and Mom have been...

  • Waves of love
    1M 66.1K 76

    I had heard of him but never actually seen him. I never thought, in my wildest dream that our paths would cross. Until it happened- he came knocking down on my door. Taking my breath away, as I lost myself in those chocolate brown eyes. We met, we talked and we said yes. I thought he was handsome but when I actually g...

    Completed   Mature