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  • I am the Lucky Cat of an MMORPG
    45.1K 3.2K 95

    Bai XiaoYu, a student who had become an otaku due to being forced into living a life of seclusion after a tragic event in real life, met a magical lucky pet cat when he took to secluding himself in a game. Not only did the cat beckon fortune, it also beckoned a sugar daddy and enemies. Can it beckon ultimate happiness...

  • Don't Hide From Me!
    61.8K 2.5K 81

    [For Offline Reading Purposes Only] Author's Name: 今闲 Associated Names: 你再躲试试 Original Publisher: jjwxc Book Status: Completed (55 Chapters + 26 Extras) --- This book is not mine. This is published solely for offline reading purposes. Summary is given in the first chapter. Thank you for reading.

  • BL | The Dragon Egg Raised During The Millennium Finally Cracked Its Shell
    69K 3.7K 71

    ⚠MACHINE TRANSLATION Title The Dragon Egg Raised During The Millennium Finally Cracked Its Shell/养了千年的龙蛋终于破壳了 Author Ruoyang Jun/若鸯君 Status 71 Chapters (Completed) . INTRODUCTION Su Muluo is the only remaining phoenix of the Phoenix clan, and he also has a marriage partner, the last dragon of the dragon clan. But his...

  • [BOOK 1] The Interstellar Male God
    208K 9.2K 200

    Short Title : IMG Alternate Title : 星际之国民男神 Status : Completed Author : Demon Fox With Fiery Tail Link : When a genius cultivator transmigrates into a new world, he suddenly becomes a loser without a system. After being chased out of his family, he'll cook delicious f...

  • Worship Me, I Can Make You Rich
    70.3K 4.3K 63

    Short Title : WMICMYR Alternate Title : 拜我,我让你发财 Status : Completed Author : Fly Far Link: On the first day of work for the little intern God of Wealth, Zhang Zhou was filled with confidence and complacency. He looked at the man collecting junk from a pile of g...

  • After Adopting The Paranoid Gods
    86.2K 6.5K 112

    Alternative Title: 收养偏执神灵们后 Author: 咬猫耳朵 ( Yǎo māo ěrduǒ ) Chapters: 223 chapters Status: Completed Support the author at › onebook 《收养偏执神灵们后》咬猫耳朵_【原创小说|纯爱小说】_晋江文学城 Description: Ji Tang specializes in adopting overly grieving Li Guis, helping them realize their wishes during their lifetime, and gi...

  • Interstellar Love Everyday [Interstellar BL]
    23.9K 1.6K 81

    Short Title : ILE Alternate Title : 星际恋爱日常[星际BL] Status : Completed Author : Create [One hundred shortcomings of Xiao Baiwen can be seen from jumping the pit! ! ] Lin Huaichu is a waste of wood, this is absolutely understandable But in another world, he is an out-and-out genius. It turned out that it wasn't me who was...

  • (BL)The general wore back to the real young master and became popular(MTL)
    54.6K 2.1K 125 Author: Jianming Rusong Category: Danmei Fans Release time: 2022-01-21 Latest: Chapter 125 Fanwaiyi Danmei Fans finished 427,000 Weidu traveled to the prosperous Dayan Dynasty in history, and grew from a soldier to a general protecting the country. As soon as he opened his eyes, he wa...

  • FOG [e-sport]
    25.6K 963 136

    NOTE: TRANSLATION ISN'T MINE. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY. Author: man man he qi duo - 漫漫何其多 Synopsis Yu Sui and Shi Luo met each other when they were much younger. One was a pro-gamer, a widely-renowned, best of the best, in-game medic. The other was an e-sports newcomer who was just starting out. The t...

  • I Can Do It
    198K 9.4K 143

    For a certain LOL competition, a certain online streamer famous for pissing people off was currently explaining and broadcasting it at the same time. Streamer: This support, so tr*sh. Streamer: If that jungler was my teammate, I would already be idling at the fountain and playing piano for him by now. Streamer: I reco...

  • Cannon Fodder Cheat System
    590K 22.7K 128

    At first, when he learned that he was forced to go to many different routine worlds and be reborn into all kinds of cannon fodder, he was against it. Because villains usually all only have a moment of satisfaction, the endings of cannon fodder are also frequently quite miserable. But the man who gave him the system to...

  • Pleasing Start Over
    240K 12.1K 103

    For offline purpose only 😉 Qiao Chen was mysteriously transmigrated to the interstellar era. As an adult from his original world, he was forced to grow up all over again in this new one. Now, out of nowhere, he was requested (forced to take on) with the inexplicable task of jumping from world to world to save the hig...

  • I'm Ranking In Billions In The Aristocracy
    104K 5.2K 128

    **The novel is not mine, for offline reading purposes only.** PLEASE DON'T VOTE, JUST READ ONLY. Thanks. #COMPLETED Friends and relatives on the outside, yet scheming on the inside. Yun Zheng was born as an orphan and treated the poor Lu Ran as his younger brother, giving him the opportunity to go to school and to be...

  • [BL] Heroic Death System (PART 1)
    227K 17.4K 200

    ***[ C O M P L E T E D ]*** Author(s) : Xue Yuan Specter I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY NOR AM I TAKING CREDITS FOR IT. CREDITS TO THE OWNER! "I curse you to never die in peace!" Thus, Shang Ke started a never-ending (forced) cycle of constantly throwing away his miserable life. He would always show himself as a martyr whil...

    Completed   Mature
  • quickly transmigration bl : cute devil
    288K 9K 160

    Qingyun was forced by what they call "the law of heaven" to be the villain who suffer so much in many worlds. For hundreds of years, a protagonist has always been barking at him and attempting to harm him, but just couldn't kill him. But how can he, the ultimate BOSS, accept himself to become an insignificant cannon f...

    78.6K 3.2K 194

    NOT my story. NOT my translation. For OFFLINE READING ONLY. - - - - - - - - - - Chief tactician Lin Yan entered an e-sports novel. At this time, there was still a whole year to go before the original plot started. The big devil who would frighten people in the future was still a thin-skinned little anchor; the disaste...

  • The Young General's Wife is Mr. Lucky (1-END)
    64.2K 3K 106

    THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I ONLY POSTED FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE! Also not my translation! 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐜𝐞: [Machine translation] --------------- 𝐍𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 Yu Jinli was a koi fish who had practiced for a thousand years. (Translator's note: The two Chinese characters "Jin Li" in the name sounds...

  • I became the pampered cub of the whole interstellar
    126K 6.4K 74

    Alternate Title:我成了全星际娇宠小幼崽 Author: Fly Far Status:Completed Mo Bai is a wishing god. Because of the destruction of the earth and the demise of mankind, he fell into a deep sleep with the disappearance of faith. When I woke up, I found that I had fallen asleep in the interstellar age and became a little cub. Mo B...

  • This Omega is Sweet and Wild
    12.9K 826 38

    Short Title:TOSW Alternate Title:这个omega甜又野Status:Completed Author:Mò Lǐ Link: Li Cheng is an omega, but he is thoroughly like an alpha. He regards teachers like friends, is unrivalled in the swimming pool and also has 80 betas as his lil' brothers. One day, Li Che...

  • The Guide of How to Be an Interstellar Tycoon
    271K 17.4K 200

    Gu Bai, a wood superfunction possessor on doomsday Gu Bai transmigrated and became a foundling who was driven out of his interstellar family. Was he pathetic? He is to inherit a vast farm. Isn't it a nice thing to farm, fish, or cook at his will? With great efforts, Gu Bai made it the most popular land in the entire i...

  • [BL]I Became a Heartthrob After Interstellar Farming
    318K 12.2K 79

    I Became a Heartthrob After Interstellar Farming 在星际种田后我成了万人迷 Author: 随波逐流的椰子 Status 79 Chapters (Completed) Description Yuan Bai is a rabbit demon and become a cannon fodder in a book. He immediately gave up the original owner's stupid plan, which led to a deviation in the plot. The protagonist Fang Lin, who should...

  • True Star
    967K 46.3K 100

    Author: Wan Mie Zhi Shang / 万灭之殇 King of the silver screen, Fiennes Tang, passed away after years of fighting heart disease. He woke up to find himself in the body of an outdated idol male starlet. Since the heavens had given him a new opportunity, he decided to enjoy life to the fullest and reach the summit of the en...

  • I Rely on Kisses to Clear Survival Games
    19.1K 1.3K 99

    Alternate Name : 我靠么么哒通关逃生游戏 Status : Complete Author : 啾咪啾咪兔 Link : Cheng Zhi Chu was pulled into an infinite stream of horror games. If he didn't clear them, he would die. But can someone tell him why others clear the games using violence a...

  • Marshal, Please Calm Down
    98.6K 5.1K 63

    Hacker God Mo is the Number 1 Hacker from the 21st Century. Reborn in the Interstellar era, he was an ancient man from thousands of years ago. His ambition is to shine the name of God Mo in the interstellar era. As for his Male God, he is a famous Marshal who sits in the top platform of Gods: a noble and cold person. ...

    40.1K 2.1K 96

    NOT my story. NOT my translation. FOR OFFLINE READING ONLY. - - - - - - - - - - Gu Wei, the popular yet controversial lead dancer of boy band T.ATW. Jiang Xun, a god-tier professional esports player. One day, after a certain variety show aired, these complete strangers became a trending topic together. Gu Wei's Anti-F...