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  • Time travel | Choi Soobin ✓
    217K 12.6K 34

    In which a girl met a man from the future. Highest rank: #1 in soobin 0190627 #2 in txt #2 in txt fanfiction #1 in soobinxreader #1 in txt 190711 #2 in yeonjun 190711 #10 in taehyun #130 in time travel #14 in huening kai #1 in beomgyu 190624

  • Drunk-Dazed (Lee Heeseung x Reader)
    220K 9.3K 21

    You heard rumors about Lee Heeseung, the person who hosts the Friday night college parties. The person who also has girls waking up alone in his bed, drunk and dazed. You decided to attend to party to see if those rumors were true. Who knew your life would change on from there. ⚠️Yes, I'm aware I spelled Heeseung'...

  • 2 Weeks | Shim Jake | Enhypen
    605K 22.2K 29

    "i dare you guys to date each other for 2 weeks" "you have to do three things" "1. Go on a date" "2. Have a sleepover" "3. Fall for eachother"

  • My Mate is a Crazy Cat Lady {Namjoonxreader}
    225K 13K 59

    In which Kim Namjoon is a werewolf and finds his mate. But she isn't exactly a dog person.

  • I'm Here
    5.5M 245K 55

    Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung have been friends for years. Hell, they were more like brothers. Navigating everything from school to relationships, they learned to count on each other for most things. But when one mistake changes the course of their friendship, the two must acknowledge there is no going back - only f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eccedentesiast | Park Jimin
    163K 7.6K 38

    Eccedentesiast (n.) A person who fakes a smile, when all they want to do is cry, disappear and/or die.

  • Wallflower | Kim Namjoom
    232K 12.4K 37

    Wallflower (n.) 1. A person who because of shyness, unpopularity, or lack of a partner, remains at the side at a party or dance. 2. Any person that remains on or has been forced to the sidelines of any activity.

  • The Air Howlers Book I ✔
    257K 16.4K 31

    Four different people, four different powers, one shared journey. In the Kingdom of Aethorin, gifted people, known as Howlers, help protect the land and its people. In every generation, four are chosen because they possess something special. They are known as the Four Howlers, each representing their chosen element: e...

  • The Moonlight Boy | Ferry's Tale # 1
    2.1M 143K 66

    * The Fiction Awards 2020 Winner * In Goodharts, the small town beyond the hills, nobody knows how Ferry Donovan looks. His mother has been keeping him out of sight for over nine years. When the boy finally begins school, the people are not only intrigued by his appearance but also by the strange things taking place a...

  • SECTOR 10 (The CLOUD 2)
    4.1K 344 20

    In a stellar prequel to CLOUD 9, the tech-conglomerate Delphi Corp. is making 2086 a year to remember. The firm's supercomputer software has reached into a parallel universe where a reptilian race - Yhemlen - are in a fiery battle against the Greys for supremacy over Earth. When business tycoon Ellis Bartram realizes...

  • The Tenant
    51.4K 980 3

    There is a house, notable for its lack of any interesting feature, that serves as home to four tenants. The last of these leads the reader down corridors of mystery and wonder. There's something about that place that makes him feel all is not well with his fellow housemates, none of whom he has ever seen. Pressure is...

  • The Invisible Universe
    114K 2.1K 21

    What lies beyond the senses? What secrets have been hidden from you due to your physical limitations? Is the universe as empty as it seems? Are we alone? Dr Thomas Clark has just made a discovery that will answer all of those questions... Hope you enjoy this collection of Sci-Fi short stories starting with "The Inv...

  • Frost on the Grasslands | Shelha Series 1 | ✔
    24.2K 1.1K 40

    It's not supposed to snow in the South Forest, but the weather in the second-emptiest corner of Shelha is not the only thing behaving strangely. When an ex-tyrant started acting up again, Sethral had hoped it meant the end of lazy days and monotonous, lengthening winters. She is starting to regret what she wished for...