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  • Bleeding Out
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    GOING THROUGH SOME EDITING! The Confederate Battle Flag is alive- But it isn't what you might think. Dixie (as he goes by nowadays) has been stuck inside America's head all these years. First a voice of opposition, then blunt annoyance. Then council. He has changed. And America needs him more than ever. *may be...

  • Statehumans' Incorrect Quotes
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    never thought I would be freaking doing these but I'm in too deep

  • Statehumans Snippets
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    I already have headcanons and incorrect quotes, so imma through in some ✨shenanigans✨ Most of these are me trying to figure out relationships between the characters so enjoy

  • ✨✏ 📖 ✨
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    it's all my drawings and stuff

  • Countryhuman Snippets
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    How does NASA throw a party? He plan-et.

  • Headcanons??? I Guess???
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    WOoT woOt