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  • Thank You, Awak !
    28.6K 1.1K 36

  • ~The Royal Wolf~ EXO
    295K 11.1K 54

    A girl named Yoo Se Mi that is 16 years old. she grew inside an orphanage then when she was 12. she left the orphanage and lived alone. she doesn't know where her parents are yet someone will tell her. When she met her mother, she pushed Yoo Se Mi to marry a royal wolf that she doesn't love. Because she only loves the...

  • My Guardian Enemy [ChanyeolFanfic] *completed*
    4.8K 422 20

    Ibu bapa Channah adalah kawan rapat dan rakan sekerja dengan ibu bapa Chanyeol. Channah duduk berjiran dengan Chanyeol, mereka sering bertengkar semasa kecil. Apabila berumur 15 tahun ibu bapa mereka sering keluar kerana urusan kerja. Mereka meminta Chanyeol untuk menjaga Channah. 1)Apakah yang akan terjadi pada Cha...

  • Kidnapped by Park Chanyeol
    45.3K 1.5K 6

    Chanyeol kidnapped you and you tried to escape, but to no avail.

  • The Kingka: Park Chanyeol
    77.5K 2.7K 22

    Willow Kim, your typical "unpopular nerd", is used to the constant teasing and bullies she receives at school, especially from one person in particular: Park Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol, the epitome of a good-looking, rich asshole that finds pleasure in making fun of others. It can't be hard to lay low and ignore him and...

  • Hate Him? Or Love Him?: EXO-Chanyeol Fanfic (COMPLETE)
    631K 14.7K 57

    When you hate someone, do you either hate them for a while or hate them forever? But who knows? What if the same person will turn your life upside down? I am Kim Sooyun, and this is my story.

  • Rescued by Chanyeol
    32.6K 1.4K 10

    You were a child that had to be given away. You are now living with a rich family that treats you like a slave. You have a step sister name Pearl and she is considered as the most prettiest girl in the school and she is always followed by a group of guys. She never treats you the right way and you sometimes would be a...

  • Kidnapped By Exo (Fanfiction)
    163K 5.7K 39

    One lucky girl gets to be "kidnapped" by her most favorite group, she's in a harem with guys who will likely fall for her, who will be the lucky man to complete the lucky girl? (Read the story for more~ forgive the short chapters, the firsts has been written since 2014, major editing will be made) Rank 34 in #Bias

  • Life in the EXO Dorm
    61.7K 2.3K 20

    Kim Kyung Mi and Kim Jongin were close childhood friends; they spent a lot of time together when they were younger. Then Jongin turned into Kai and left to be an idol. Now in their early twenties, Kyung Mi just got evicted out of her apartment. Being Homeless, Jongin offers Kyung Mi to live with him in the EXO Dorm...

  • EXO Lyrics
    1M 5.3K 141

    Alphabetized songs of EXO. Written in Korean, English and Mandarin Version.

  • The Unknown Princess [EXO FANFIC]
    1.6M 25.3K 92

    What will happen, if one day you found out that the EX-BOYFRIEND of yours is one of your new found friends in school, and also a member of a famous idol group? Another question is, what will happen if you found out that your family is hiding something from you that will surely change your whole life? And the only one...

  • Why Can't You See Me? (Chanyeol fanfic) short story
    541 27 4

    A girl who wanted to die, A boy who wanted to love. This story is inspired by the mv of Deficient Love

  • [EXO CHANYEOL] Strong Love
    27.2K 858 6

    Characters: Jagiya (you) Chanyeol (your boyfriend) Well, going by the tittle, this is a fanfic about you and Chanyeol and yes, your love is very strong and nothing can ever break it.

  • Me and The 12 hottest teachers [EXO]
    178K 10.1K 22

    ''chara, saya suka kan awak'' Sir Sehun ''If you love someone else then you go. Don't care about me'' Sir Kai ''Saranghae'' Sir Luhan ''I will always beside you'' Sir Baekhyun ''Don't make me fall for you'' Sir D.o ''Chara, why you are so cute'' Sir Chanyeol ''I will protect you'' Sir Kris ''Awak comel'' Sir xiumin ''...

  • My 6 footer and I (EXO fanfiction-Chanyeol)
    25K 634 19

    Sashimi, a petite girl who always seemed to be in her own world. She was enjoying her free schedule until her father called her and offered her a little something to do over her free semester. Find out how this all links to EXO's Chanyeol!

  • She Is My Girl.
    147K 13K 63

    Chung Ae adalah salah seorang pelajar yang terpilih untuk memasuki Present Lynwood Highschool. Dia tidak mahu tukar ke sekolah lain tetapi ayahnya mendapat tawaran kerja di bandar, dia terpaksa akur dengan keputusan ayahnya. Suasana sekolah barunya memang lain daripada sekolah di kampungnya yang sederhana dan biasa. D...

  • In A Relationship With Chanyeol of Exo
    1.9M 73.3K 32

    Who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with this derp? Be with me through this journey and be a witness in our love story. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • Boy Next Door (Chanyeol)
    75.1K 1.8K 12

    [Short story] My neighbor? Ugh! He's sooo loud! He throw parties as if he owns the whole condominium floor! Can he realize that we're just a cement apart? He's sooo annoying! I want to shut him up and get him out of here! But...wait, I think I can't. If I do that, I'll miss his deep voice, his laugh and his smile. NOO...

  • Vampire Contract » Jjk
    260K 20.1K 37

    ❁Completed❁[✔] JungAe seorang gadis pendiam disekolah dan jarang senyum membuatkan orang sekelilingnya tidak suka padanya.Pada hari jadi ke-16nya satu kejadian berlaku..Bagaimana kehidupan JungAe seterusnya? ❛❛ awak ini siapa?apa awak nak daripada saya? ❜❜ ❛❛ Tak perlu nak tahu siapa saya..Dan apa saya nak dari awak...

    Completed   Mature
  • EXO is my doormmates [EXO FANFIC] Book 1&2
    448K 6.9K 93

    Hanuel was an orphan girl since she's are 11 yrs. old, now that she's a grown-up woman, a close friend of her parents decided to adopt her but there is a little surprise and it ended up living in EXO's dorm... she's a troubleosome girl yet undeniably lovely,find out who will win her heart!

    Completed   Mature
  • My Cold-Hearted Boss (Chanyeol Fanfic)
    55.8K 2.1K 19

    A part-time and hardworking girl named Kim Haeun took the job that nobody in the world dares to for she was in a real financial trouble. Desperate for a job, she applied as a servant to the one and only-Park Chanyeol, who lives his luxurious life without worries except one: he's getting engaged to a woman he doesn't k...

  • Our love story (Chanyeol fanfic)
    6.1K 261 7

    How admiration becomes love...

  • CHENderella
    38K 3.4K 31

    Kalau tengah bersedih,bacalah😂

  • Arranged Marriage to Chanyeol of EXO-K
    8.1K 248 9

    I was once his fangirl, and now married to him...

  • Exo Princess [Exo fanfic] {HIATUS}
    1.1M 25.2K 64

    THIS STORY COMES FROM MY PURE IMAGINATION. Any series of events in this story is purely fictional. Do not copy. Plagiarism is illegal. copyrights reserved. Do you guys know EXO? if not please search on google or on facebook. Please bear with my English. I'm not really good :) Enjoy! ------ Will the chosen ones fulfi...

  • [EXO and you] My EXOtic Cyborgs
    567K 12K 48

    [ YOU and EXO-K fanfiction ] Go Min Jae (you) -Nerd, very friendly but everyone hates her at school because of her step sister, your family used to own a cafe but now your step mom manages it.. her mother died of a car accident then her father married another woman but not later your father died even though you get b...

  • EXO'S Maid
    103K 6.8K 45

    Kim Hana,Bella Jung dan Park Tyra seorang anak yatim piatu. Setelah lama duduk di rumah asuhan,mereka bertiga bertekad untuk mencari kerja untuk menyara kehidupan sendiri. Suatu hari mereka ternampak sehelai kertas yg terlekat di tiang lampu. Mereka terus bersetuju untuk jadi maid kecuali Kim Hana. Tiba di rumah tempa...

  • [re-writing] My Weird Classmates | EXO Fanfiction (O12)
    281K 2.6K 7

    A story in which a girl named Kim Min Seo was put in a special class together with 12 stunning weirdos. She's in for a bumpy ride. (WARNING: Very cliche plot and cringe-worthy scenes, dialogues, and characters ahead. You've been warned.)

  • Overdosed With Exo One-Shots!
    338 4 4

    The title say it all! Exo Oneshots~! <3