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  • My Purple Lover (Springtrap/??? x F!Reader) Springtrap and Deliah *Slow Updates*
    2.7K 51 13

    No Spoilers or maybe one hint? I do not own FNAF I do not own Springtrap and Deliah I do not own any characters from Springtrap and Deliah, only Y/N and her brother Cover art is mine, but it's not that good, just look at springtrap

  • Saving Me
    3.8K 94 6

    Yandere Springtrap x Reader

  • Other World - Countryhumans x Reader
    91.2K 2.4K 22

    (she/her pronouns are used here but gender doesn't really matter in this story) (Y/N) was a somebody, yet a nobody. No one really paid attention to her, and she preferred to keep to herself. But what happens when she falls through a portal when she lets her curiosity get the best of her? She meets... humans with coun...

  • Foxy X Freddy (Remade)
    134K 2.5K 31

    Yes i finally remade my other frexy

  • CherryBerry Love ( Swap X Fell ) ( Blueberry X Red )
    19.6K 407 21

    Blue wake up in Underfell, completely forgot what happen and why is he here. Blue do not want to be alone so he wants a friend to be with while he was finding his way back home. Red, Underfell Sans, saw him in the streets and suddenly Blue wanted to be his friend. Will Red accept that they will be friends? Or more tha...

  • Human!Sans x werewolf reader (lemon at some point)
    132K 3K 28

    Ok, in this timeline, you loose the ability to turn into human form for s temporary time. But also, the monsters won the war and stored some of the humans in the underground, there's more than one underground cause there's so many humans idk just roll with it. WARNING:THE LEMON IS JUICY! *wriggles eyebrows* ...

  • My Edgy Wolf (Werewolf Uf Paps x reader)
    3.9K 144 35

    You are a 19 year old female. You also work at a Cafeteria even if you are rich. Your dad and mom are CEOS and earn a ton of money. You wanted to work even if you didn't have to. You stumble upon a creature, part skeleton part wolf. What will happen to you if you keep him? {Complete}

  • Sans X Werewolf Reader!
    78.6K 2.2K 13

    "When you transform imagine a big ass wolf! Like Jacob from twiligh Okay?:) Just giving you a visual

  • Cresent Moon (Sans X Werewolf! Reader)
    86.8K 2K 37

    "If you think of the dark, as a black park, and the moon as a bounced ball, then there's nothing to be frightened of at all." -Carol Ann Duffy. The moon; the cresent moon. Shone so brightly in the sky. I fell down and lost the only light I had left. However, I found myself an even brighter light in the darkness that I...

  • Foxy x Mangle Book 3: Stay Away From Her! (Completed)
    13.2K 192 11

    Now that Mangle is back home with Foxy, everyone is now planning to strick back at Purple guy. Foxy still plans to marry Mangle, same with Bonnie with Chi. Will they have their wedding before they strick back or will Purple guy capture Mangle and Chi? Read and find out. **plz excuse my back grammer

  • Foxy x Mangle book 2: I'm Always With You
    13.7K 213 12

    Purple guy has struck the pizzeria and is after Mangle. Everyone is now protecting her. Purple guy disappears and everyone thinks of a plan for next time when he comes back. A few months later, foxy asks mangle a question and the next day, something happens to mangle. What will happen to her and foxy? Read and find ou...

  • Foxy x Mangle Book 1
    18.5K 247 11

    A group of animatronics lost their home and they hear about another pizzeria. When the animatronics go into the pizzeria, Mangle has a feeling like she's being watched and has bad nightmare's of the purple man. She then has a flash back of her parents but she thought that all the memories of her parents were gone beca...

  • Sans×Werewolf!Dragon!reader
    159 0 5

    You and your friend Zoey are in a cave when the floor breaks. What happens when you meet the monsters of the underground? What will they think of you being a hybrid, when they find out? What will happen when you show then other alternate versions of themselves? Find out here! Also long chapters... WARNING CURSING Y/n~...

  • (ON HOLD) Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled Love | | Book 2
    79.8K 2.1K 33

    (Sequel to my first story, I recommend reading that before this to find out how they met!) After Vixen was destroyed by the toddlers and was given the name 'Mangle', The Pizzeria decides to make her a permanent attraction. 'The Mangle: Pull apart and put back together attraction'. How will Mangle overcome this new fou...

  • Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled love
    106K 2.1K 15

    Foxy is a crimson red fox. He used to be ignored in the old Pizzeria just because the kids thought he was scary. But after the Bite of 87 , all that changed after he met the toys and another certain Fox...

  • Our Story -Bonnie x Foxy- Fonnie. ~*Complete*~ (Book 1)
    16.2K 736 38

    Yes, This is a re-make of "My Lady" , that was my old Fonnie book! Anyways, in this Fonnie book, Bonnie is a girl, Please don't hate, If you hate that, Don't read this book at all! Oh and! There humans! Bonnie is a server, Chica and Freddy are cooks, And Foxy is a Greeter..Or a hosted whatever XD, and golden is the bo...

  • Bonnie x Foxy
    87.4K 2.4K 16

    Foxy likes Bonnie. Bonnie likes Foxy. Do I need to tell you more?

    25.6K 181 19

    FNAF lemons from who?! ME!!! ok now since we have reached our goals I will return a FNAF lemon for you! (Future me: Look now before you, lemons with at least 1K reads! Coral Pegasus

  • Fem! Neko Nightmare x Error
    4.4K 92 11

    (DISCONTINUED) The title explains it all

  • sanscest story Nightmare X cross
    628 9 1

    this was my first time and I'm loving it ≥﹏≤≥﹏≤≥﹏≤

  • Nightmare x cross
    45.9K 1.4K 136

    Well I could believe cross is sick

  • Blue nights (nightmare x blueberry)
    6.7K 138 16

    For those who ship this i like it too but i have other blueberry ships like Horror x blueberry etc.(execpt for dustberry and errorberry and inkberry and dreamberry i don't like'em) anyways enjoy! Art cover by _xXSpringswirlXx_(aka me) Characters (even the one that are NOT entirely envolved) Dream tale by jokublog Ink...

  • Nightmare x Ink Oneshots
    24K 503 12

    Rarepair!! Ink x Nightmare one shots, most created by me! taking prompt requests :•) (if anyone knows who the cover art was by do tell me! i made the cover a few years ago and never credited the artist and would love to do so)

  • Bunny Tales (Humanoid!Male!Bonnie x Reader)
    17.2K 745 20

    You've got your first job, and it's working on nightwatch with your childhood idols, the animatronics! Will you be able to overcome your fear at night? Will you be able to cope with the secrets you find out? And worst of all; what happens if you and that bunny fellow... fall in love? (AU with a humanoid male Bonnie, w...

  • Bonnie X Reader
    12.9K 398 30

    (Edit) Completed, this book sucks. I was like everyone else, A horny teenager who wanted to write a crap fan fiction about a game. This has spelling errors, and mega cringe moments where you can clearly see I'm unexperienced. But I have improved since then, I do NOT plan to write another book that continues this, nor...

  • FNaF Bonnie X reader, Bunny!
    2.7K 70 10

    (This is my first story, so don't judge too hard.) When (Y/N) begins to work for the Fazbear Pizzeria, she realizes that being a night guard is a lot more challenging than it seems. Her best friend, Bonnie the Bunny, has fallen for her in a more than friends kind of way, but will (Y/N) return his feelings?

  • Sweet End Bunny || FNAF Bonnie x Reader
    68.2K 2.4K 49

    (Y/n)'s troubles have been too much for her to handle. But when her mysterious friend drops a piece of paper by her house, a whole new adventure begins. A seemingly innocent restaurant still has its dark secrets, and also a seemingly innocent girl. But when they meet once again, even another innocent soul can be invo...

  • Bonnie x Reader Lemon
    32.6K 125 5

    this is my first story and Lemon plz don't comment mean thing

  • HUMAN Bonnie x reader
    107K 2.5K 39

    ‼️I wrote this in 4th grade so the grammar is terrible. May i also add that I have 0 interest in FNAF anymore. I'm in highschool now and my interests have shifted since. The writing,grammar,everything is one big headache. There's your warning ‼️ You needed a summer job so you can start supporting yourself. Your parent...

  • She came back (FNAF x female reader)
    129K 3K 29

    Since that fateful day she was banned from going to Freddy Fazbears pizza, (y/n) missed the animatronics and they missed her. Becoming the night guard brought them together. But when she finds out they love her, who does she choose? Who will win her heart? (Disclaimer: I do not own FNAF or you, I only own the story. E...