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  • movies make psychos more creative<3 || stuilly || DISCONTINUED
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    "You're just like an angel. Your skin makes me cry." I'm sorry about this but the story will have to be discontinued. I just don't like Scream as much as I used to. However, I will be writing other books with oneshots about Saw or Insidious! So stay tuned for that. So since I used to have super bad brainrot over Stu x...

  • Scream Oneshots
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    *I only write oneshots for the original 1996 movie* I've noticed there is hardly any Scream books On here, and the ones that are on here are either really short or discontinued. SO IM TAKING MATTERS INTO MY OWN HANDS!

  • "Peer pressure, I'm far too sensitive."
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    I got into Scream for some reason and really like this ship, if you don't like it why are you here? --- Number #2 in franchise 💛 (tue Apr 19th, 2022)