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  • The Amazing Spider-Girl
    11K 322 30

    When Peter and Mary Jane Parker have a child, they envision a beautiful future ahead. But when Spider-Man is finally unmasked and the world learns his true identity, their dreams are shattered. With a new generation of villains running rampant through New York City, May is no longer safe as long as she is a Parker. St...

    Completed   Mature
  • ² UNBROKEN | jessica jones ✓
    13.2K 446 23

    "GOD DIDN'T DO THIS. THE DEVIL DID" in which jessica jones and eleanor camacho's lives crash together at the perfect time. second book of the eternity saga exaholics© 2022 cutout of jessica jones via @BachtheOtter on deviant art

  • Captain Marvel
    10.3K 245 15

    Long before Tony Stark announced himself as Iron Man, Carol Danvers was the Earth's Mightiest Defender. She's a normal woman working as a Air Force Unit before she met Mar-Vell. As the Kree-Skrull War rages, it's up to her to solve the galaxy's greatest battle. (Please follow DetectiveKM because she edits these chapte...

    257K 7K 26

    " i age wonderfully " CASSANDRA BARNES assassin. spy. agent. super soldier. -CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER- -THE AVENGERS- book one of the cassandra barnes series cover made by the lovely @-PsychoWxrrior